Fortnite: How to Find (and Beat) Highcard (Boss Fights and Rewards)

Fortnite: How to Find (and Beat) Highcard (Boss Fights and Rewards)

Players can battle the Highcard boss in the most recent season of Fortnite to obtain exclusive goodies. The boss in the battle royale changes every season, usually carrying unique weapons and other precious equipment that players can use to survive to the conclusion. In the game, players can prepare an adequate Fornite Top Up.

Fortnite Highcard Boss Locations

Everywhere there is a vault, including enormous cities, harsh fortifications, and shattered stone slabs, one can find Highcard Bosses. He is different from other Fortnite bosses in that he doesn’t show up right away when the game begins. All surviving players will see a Highcard boss marker on their map indicating their place in the current game after the race has begun and a few circles have elapsed. Players can locate a masked foe in a black suit, accompanied by two white followers, by going to the marker.

Where to find and beat Highcard

Although Highcard is difficult to locate, it has been found that the boss frequently spawns close to the vault. Large towns and harsh strongholds are frequent locations where the boss and his followers in white suits might be spotted. Players should also stop by important Fortnite landing destinations, which feature a vault, in addition to these places. Players cannot go to certain regions to find the Highcard because his spawn location is random.

As the player locates Highcard, they should first deal with his minions before concentrating on the boss. Players are encouraged to engage these NPCs covertly in order to maintain health and prevent needless loss of life. The player will also benefit if they have adequate bandages and shields in case Highcard or one of his minions injures them. Since Highcard lacks any unique attacks, eliminating him is not too difficult. Heckard can deal a lot of damage with his gun, so it’s important to note that players should always approach him at full health.

How to Get the Havoc Suppressor Assault Rifle from Highcard

After defeating Highcard, players can take his gun, the Havoc Suppressed Assault Rifle, for themselves. This automatic rifle’s suppressed muzzle, as its name implies, gives users an unmatched tactical edge. Highcard also drops Vault Keycard in addition to Assault Rifles. A vault in Fortnite’s Mega City that houses precious loot for players to use later in the game may be unlocked using this keycard.

Fortnite Highcard Boss Rewards

In Fortnite, you can obtain Highcard’s Havoc Suppressed Assault Rifle Mythic weapon by killing the Highcard boss. In order to prevent someone else from stealing it once his health bar is empty, be sure to seize it as soon as he drops it to the ground. In Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2, there are brand-new weapons that can deliver respectable damage without forcing you to leave your position right away. The Mythic version will offer you and your team an advantage in the final few rounds, so get it as soon as you can. It’s also important to keep in mind that Highcard bosses only drop one of these Mythic Assault Rifles, so choose who will be awarded in advance.

The information provided above is a detailed description of how to locate (and defeat) Highcard in Fortnite. Players can purchase inexpensive Fortnite V-BUCKS in the game to aid in Highcard’s defeat.

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