FFXIV: How to Overmeld Materia

FFXIV: How to Overmeld Materia

In Final Fantasy XIV, overmelding enables players to attach more materials to their gear than the slots ordinarily let, enhancing their stats beyond what is typically possible. This can result in a big performance boost, which is wonderful if you anticipate using the gadget for an extended period of time. The information in this article will help players prepare adequate FFXIV Gil for the game by learning how to Overmeld Materia in FFXIV.

How to unlock Overmelding/Pentamelding?

You must finish the “Melding Materia Muchly” quest, which you may get from Mutamix at Bonfire in Central Thanalan. The preceding quest “Forging the Spirit,” which first gives you the ability to fuse, must also be finished. The crafting class is the sole way to get “Melding Materia Muchly” at level 19, but you can’t exchange it until level 25.

Only a select group of crafted items can be overfused. As a result, you won’t be able to increase the stats of any desirable cool dungeon drops. To create equipment of the same level, you must also have a certain level of crafting. When new players inquire about over-fusion/pentamers, jaded veterans frequently answer, “Go ahead and throw all your Jills into the ocean,” or something similar. This should not be taken lightly. You must travel a long distance to reach the reward you seek.

How to Over-Fuse Materials in Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV requires players to finish two necessary tasks for the Black Brush in Central Thanalan in order to access the Overmeld Materia’s abilities. At level 19 of any class, the first quest “Forging the Spirit” can be taken. Swynbroes will provide players instructions on how to extract materials from gear with 100% Spiritual Bond if they speak to him at X: 24, Y: 13.8 in Central Thanalan.

F’hobhas grants the next quest, “Awakening the Soul,” and instructs players on how to use Materia in their gear. Again, to accept this quest, players must have level 19 Crafting Jobs in FFXIV. Players will finally be able to accept “Lots of Fusion Materials,” the level 25 quest that opens up advanced material fusions in Final Fantasy XIV, after finishing “Forging Souls” and “Awakening Souls.”

The simplest way to do this is to conceal a Materia within a vacant gear seat. Then, use the drop-down option for the project and select the Materia you just added. Reposition the identical Materia in the resulting empty slot. “Melding Materia Muchly” must be completed eight times by repeating this procedure.

Players can now stack Materia onto their gear thanks to the release of Advanced Materia Melding. One device may incorporate a total of five materials through a process called “pentamerization.” Players who want to make the most of their high-level equipment should concentrate on pentamelding it with the crucial stats for their class. For the best damage output, summoners in Final Fantasy XIV should prioritize using Critical Hit Materia.

When searching to purchase Materia on Marketboard, high quality will not be inexpensive. In the method, you can purchase cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil.

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