WoW Classic WotLK Shadowmourne Guide: How To Get The Legendary Axe

WoW Classic WotLK Shadowmourne Guide: How To Get The Legendary Axe

Shadowmourne is a legendary two-handed axe that can be obtained through the difficult questlines available to death knights, paladins, and warriors, and is a weapon of evil origin. This guide is designed to tell players how to get Shadowmourne in WoW Classic WotLK, players can also prepare enough WotLK Classic Gold for the game in case they need it.

Befriend to Ashen Verdict

Clearing out the rubbish in Icecrown Citadel at Lord Marrowgar’s entrance, entering Icecrown Citadel and repeating this step again, will easily establish friendship with the Ashen Verdict and this reputation level will make the initial quest available. And once Icecrown Citadel is released, players will also want to gain reputation due to the other benefits the Ashen Verdict reputation provides.

Holy and Corrupt

When entering Icecrown Citadel, talk to High Lord Mograine on the right side of the room. For this questline you need to collect various items.

Obtain 25 Primal Saronite, which you can buy at the Auction House or at Friendly for 135 gp at the Traditional Righteous Quartermaster in Dalaran and Icecrown Citadel.

Retrieve the Light’s Vengeance from the caverns in Dragonblight.

Kill Festergut and loot Festergut’s Acidic Blood.

Kill Rotface and pick up Rotface’s Acidic Blood.

Try to avoid killing the trash as you will need it in the next mission.

Use the teleporter to return to Highlord Mograine to turn in the quest and receive the Shadowblade.

Soul Feast

So far you have completed the first quest in the quest chain and obtained the Shadow Blade. Now you need to feed 50 souls to the Shadowblade, just kill 50 of the Lich King’s minions to do this. Unload your old gear, equip the Shadowblade, and you’ll be able to kill the Garbage, and you’ll be ready for more Ashen Verdict grinding until you’re done.

Evil Infusion

Now with the soul-fed Shadowblade, the Shadowblade must be infused with evil powers. This quest is not only to kill Professor Putricide, but also to infuse some of his slime into your weapon, the Shadowblade. You have to fight with Shadowblade equipped, hit the boss once, but don’t deal less than 80% damage to him, as this will trigger the next stage. Wait for Putricide to spawn three slime puddles, then walk to his table and drink the concoction. Trigger phase 2 by taking light damage to him below 80%, when you become abomination, press the first skill on the action bar until you fill the right bar. Then, tap the fourth skill to infuse the Shadowblade with evil power.

Blood Transfusion

In this next mission you will not only kill Queen Lanather, but also inject some of her blood into your weapon. The objective of this quest is to bite three different people with the boss’s vampire, then kill the boss. First you have to be bitten by Queen Ranather herself or another player. When you are bitten, you can choose to bite your other player so the debuff will come back to you again, then rinse and repeat this three times until you have spread the debuff three times in total.

Frost Infusion

You need to equip Shadowblade, stand in front of Sindragosa, she must cast her Frost Breath ability on you four times, then you don’t dodge her ability, then kill her.

Split Throne

Collect 50 Shadowfrost Shards from bosses in Icecrown Citadel to earn your Shadowmourne. This step will take a few weeks. Always complete raids on Heroic difficulty 25 to increase the number of shards dropped each week.

The Lich King’s Last Stand

Finally, defeat the Lich King who will drop the Sealed Cache. Return to Highlord Mograine and he will give you an unsealed unsealed chest containing:

Alexandros’ Soul Fragment, surrendered for the reins of the Crimson Deathhorse;

Arthas’ training sword, handed in for Muradin’s favor;

Silver Hand Badge, Lightbringer Tabard turned in;

Blood of Sylvanas turned in for Sylvanas’ Music Box;

Jaina’s Locket Turn in a locket that can open a Dalaran portal.

That’s it for a guide to Shadowmourne in WoW Classic WotLK. More details on WoW Classic WotLK can be found on the blog

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