The Best Pets And Mounts In The Elder Scrolls Online High Island

The Best Pets And Mounts In The Elder Scrolls Online High Island

Each new Elder Scrolls Online chapter contains many new collectible mounts and pets. The High Island chapter allows players to ride or adventure with many amphibians and adds animals to the mix, and we’ll cover a few of the best pets and mounts in this article. Players can have plenty of Elder Scrolls Online Gold handy to experience the new mounts in the game.

Pet: Hermit Crab

Hermit Crabs are hard to find on High Island, but can be purchased from the Crown Shop or Crown Jewels. These hermit crabs are easy to miss when traversing the High Island coastline as they blend in well with their surroundings. Hermit Crabs can be purchased from the in-game Crown Shop for 2000 crowns or through the Crate Gem Shop for 40 crown gems.

Pet: Coral Haj Mota

Haj Mota are found throughout Tamriel, but are particularly abundant on High Island and Amenos. the Coral Haj Mota non-combat pet is small in size, but more elegant and elaborate. This non-combat pet is obtained by collecting items in the two new public dungeons in the High Island chapter. In Ghost Haven Bay, players must collect 25 Coral Haj Mota Lures. In Crimson Coin Spire, players must collect 25 Coral Haj Mota Decoys.

Pets: The Cat of Gonfalon Bay

Gonfalon Bay has a cat that you can interact with to trigger special overworld animations. The camera pans to see the player beckoning the cat to jump on him and pet him – seconds later, the cat is back. The cat, named Greenhouse Explorer, is located at the entrance to the Artisan Building in Gonfalon Bay. While not technically a combat pet, it is worth mentioning as one of the unique encounters in Elder Scrolls Online that many players may have missed.

Pet: Butcher’s Heartland Dog

Looking like a cross between a Rottweiler and a boxer, Heartland Butcher Dog, Heartland Butcher’s Hound and Luminous Meridian Steed are both in Order Crates High Island Dark Chivalry, albeit at a much higher price. Descent speed. They can also be purchased outright for a measly 40 Crown Jewels or 2000 Endeavour Marks.

Mount: Frost Elk

The Pale Frost Elk emits a ghostly white light and gives off an atomic effect, thus constantly attracting the interest of players. It can be obtained by pre-ordering a copy of the appropriate game in the Takashima chapter. In addition, there is a non-combat pet adaptation of Palefrost Elk in Palefrost Elk Fawn, which has also become a pre-order chapter.

Mount: Stormsurge Howler

The Stormsurge Howler is an elemental mount that is vibrant, emits crackling lightning effects and shows other players that you are a true ESO professional. To earn the Stormsurge Howler, players must earn every achievement in the Dread Sail Reef Trials included in High Island. This is not limited to the normal mode achievements either, as players must clear and earn these achievements in Veteran Hard mode.

Mount: Luminous Meridian Charger

The Luminous Meridian Charger is a truly striking product. He takes the form of a ghostly warhorse in golden elfin armour that barely matches his fierce and vibrant form. He is highly visible in any terrain you ride. However, the Luminous Meridian Charger is not cheap and can only be obtained from the Crown Jewel Shop for 2500 gems or the Seal of Endeavour or as a rare item from the Dark Knight Crown Box. To try this mount you will need to be prepared to spend a lot of time gathering the resources to buy this mount.

These are the best pets and mounts in The Elder Scrolls Online High Island, so if there is a pet or mount that interests you, you can try it out. You can also follow our blog at for more information and tips on The Elder Scrolls Online.

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