Fortnite: How to Solve Green Lantern Fest Puzzles

Fortnite: How to Solve Green Lantern Fest Puzzles

The Lantern Festival in Fortnite introduces a brand-new island experience with challenges to solve and Points to gain. Four puzzle rooms on the Lantern Fest Tour island in Fortnite, when solved, reveal the map’s center. Players must light the fires in the proper order to complete the green puzzle, which is currently active. This guide will explain how to complete the Fortnite Green Lantern Fest puzzle. To do so, players must have enough Fortnite V-BUCKS.

How to Solve Fortnite Green Lantern Puzzles on Lantern Fest Tour Island

Although it can be challenging to figure out the answer, completing the Green Lantern Puzzle on Fortnite’s Lantern Fest Tour Island is a great way for players to swiftly gain extra XP. The continuing Fortnite celebration of Ramadan known as Lantern Fest features a unique Lantern Fest Tour Island created by Illusion Creative. This unique island offers entertaining puzzles and games, including one within the Great Green Lantern.

Players must locate “Lantern World” by creator Mr. San by choosing the “Explore” button from the main menu, then click it to reach Yuanxiao Isle. Players shouldn’t have too much trouble locating this custom island because it is now on exhibit. The Green Lantern can be found by following the tunnel to the left after spawning.

Green Lantern Festival Puzzle Solution

On the Lantern Fest Tour island in Fortnite, the Green Lantern puzzle can be located near to the Cozy Court. Five columns that must be illuminated in the proper sequence may be found once you enter the puzzle area. You’ll only be successful if you follow @fortniteME on Twitter and Instagram and watch for certain responses.

This particular comment is now difficult to locate, but don’t worry—the solution is as follows:

Camel (red)

Sun (blue)

Island (purple)

Cactus (yellow)

Tree (green)

You’ll gain some XP and make some progress toward the entire Fortnite Lantern Fest questline once you’ve finished the challenge. Although they haven’t been included in the game yet, there are still three more Lantern Puzzles to solve. You can check arrival times on Lantern Tour Fest Island after they have been announced. The only one accessible right now is the green one.

Continue your exploration of Lantern Island to observe what other activities are taking place. Also, you can buy enough Fornite Top Up in-game to aid in completing other game tasks.

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