How to Unlock the Ghillie Suit and Ghillie Suit Operator in MW2

How to Unlock the Ghillie Suit and Ghillie Suit Operator in MW2

One of Call of Duty’s most recognizable and well-liked cosmetic items is the Ghillie suit, which gamers choose because it conceals the wearer. Although there isn’t a straightforward method to obtain the Ghillie Suit in multiplayer in MW2, it isn’t difficult to unlock. In order to gain the Ghillie Suit, players can purchase cheap Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Points in the game. This article is intended to show players how to unlock the Ghillie Suit in MW2.

How to Unlock Modern Warfare 2’s Ghillie Suit

Players must take part in the Jack Links promotion to earn the Ghillie Suit in multiplayer. Jack Links is a brand of cuisine that mostly sells several kinds of beef jerky. Activision and Jack Links collaborated on MW2 to give players who bought different Jack Links items in-game incentives. There isn’t any other method for players to acquire a lucky suit because the Jack Links sale expires on October 31, 2022.

Players must buy 4 separate items in order to access the full range of Jack Links bonuses. Each item comes with a unique code that allows users to access various MW2 things. The player receives the Gilllie Suit after entering 4 codes, hence 4 goods are needed.

Alternatively, players can wait for a different ghillie outfit to appear in the battle pass or store. It’s improbable that Jack Link’s jungle attire will serve as the ultimate Ghillie Suit skin. The majority of players’ best course of action is probably to wait for another.

How to Unlock Modern Warfare 2’s Ghillie Suit Operator

Players must buy four Jack Link products with stickers that may be exchanged for codes in order to receive Reyes’ Ghillie Suit Operator skin. However, the MW2 The Beef Jerky coupon was taken right off the store’s shelves.

Players can redeem their codes on the Call of Duty website as long as they can locate them. Players who redeem one code will receive an animated Sasquatch badge; those who redeem two or three codes will receive animated Sasquatch business cards; and those who redeem all four codes will receive animated Sasquatch weapon tags. To unlock Reyes’ SASquatch Ghillie Suit skin, enter the fourth code. Since the Burger Town Operators in MW2 had their code completely stripped down, it’s possible that something similar may take place here. Although it has been reported that players would be able to purchase qualifying goods at a few stores through January 2023, it is unknown whether this deal will only be available in particular areas.

Players can buy enough Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Top Up to unlock the Ghillie Suit and Ghillie Suit Operator early in Call of Duty. The detailed guide on how to do so can be seen above.

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