How To Get Manderium Meteorite In Final Fantasy XIV

How To Get Manderium Meteorite In Final Fantasy XIV

One of the rare resources in Final Fantasy XIV is the Manderium Meteorite. Players are asked to collect this when completing quests in Mandeville, and collecting this rare resource will reward players with relic weapons. These weapons were introduced to the game with patch 6.25, which also brought Variant and Criterion dungeons, Omicron beast tribes, and more. Players can use and collect many resources to trade exclusive items in Final Fantasy XIV, so this article will introduce how to get Manderium Meteorite in Final Fantasy XIV for players who can prepare enough Final Fantasy XIV Gil in the game.

How to get Manderium Meteorite in Final Fantasy XIV?

The only way to get Manderium Meteorite in Final Fantasy XIV is to trade Allagan Tomestones of Astronomy.

After speaking with Godbert, the player’s next mission will be to travel to Radz-at-Hand Aetheryte Square at coordinates X:12.1, Y:10.9.

The player will find the supplier Jubrunnaha, who has prepared Manderium meteorite blocks for the player.

Players can trade 500 of these tombstones to Jubrunnah in Radz-at-Han, which will give them Manderium meteorites, but 500 is not much.

The Yarago Astronomy Codex can be obtained by completing level 90 raids, trails and dungeons. Another relic weapon requires three Manderium meteorite blocks.

Aragan’s Astronomy Tombstone was recently removed from being part of the weekly limit, which makes it very easy to farm as many of these as possible each day.

Players can obtain these props in several ways: through daily roulette and hunts or by completing in-game quests at level 90.

How to get the Allagan Tomestones of Astronomy

Allagan Tomestones of Astronomy is the currency used to purchase some of the best equipment in the game, including the unnamed Blade of the Abyss.

However, players will need to polish them a little. There are several ways to obtain them.

Completing the Expert and Level 90 Duty Roulette

Hunt the train

Fortunately, Allagan Astronomy Stones are no longer limited to 450 pieces per week. However, you can still only carry 2,000 of them. Each daily roulette will give you 40 Astronomy Stones, and completing a random dungeon at level 90 or above will reward you with 50 Astronomy Stones. Leveling, Trials, Main Storyline, Alliance Raids, Normal Raids, Mentors, and Frontline Roulette will reward Tomestones if you enter them with a level 90 job. consistently completing these objectives will reward you with enough Goddess Stones to keep going to Jubrunnah in exchange for Manderium Meteorites.

Be sure to complete the Expert Duty Roulette every day, as it is a great source of Aragog’s Astronomical Megacanon. With each mission you complete, you get closer to the Manderium meteorite block from Final Fantasy XIV.

Hunt the Train is one of the most adventurous quests in which you can work with other players to go from area to area, killing A-rank or higher level leaders. The best way to get the Yarago Astronomy Boulder is to pair up with your friends and complete the hardest dungeons in your level. Working together, you can quickly traverse the dungeons and collect these materials.

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