How To Score Low Driven Shots In FIFA 23

How To Score Low Driven Shots In FIFA 23

In FIFA 23, low shots are goals that are scored with a low kick, but with power. Low shots can be more effective than other shots because goalkeepers have a harder time reaching the ball than they do at waist, chest or head height. If you have played these games before, then you will find that the control of low drive shots is different now in FIFA 23. So this guide will introduce you to how to score low shots in FIFA 23, and players can prepare enough FIFA 23 coins for equipped players.

How to take low drive shots in FIFA 23

While in FIFA 22 you held down both bumper buttons while shooting to finish a lower shot, this particular button combination has now been replaced by the new Power shot. In FIFA 23, there are no special button combinations. You only need to try 20% to 30% of the energy. In other words, you want the power bar to stop close to the first of the three vertical lines.

Or, you can perform a trick shot to keep the ball near the bottom and rotate a little above it. To perform a trick shot, hold RB (Xbox), R1 (PlayStation), or ZR (Switch) while the emergency shot button is pressed. Trick shots can have extra energy, however accurate aiming can be a bit difficult.

How to score a low shot in FIFA 23

A low drive shot is when you use a low, powerful shot. It’s a kick that’s worth putting in your back pocket. Because a low drive shot forces the goalkeeper to climb down low, this usually takes too long and makes it easy for you to score. However, this is only possible if you control the low drive shot correctly in FIFA 23. If you’ve played previous FIFA games, low drive shots don’t have the same controls as they used to. Those were shot by power shots.

In FIFA 23, low drive shots must stay between 20% and 30% power. So, power up your shots as usual and time your release. This makes shooting more skill-based than before, as you may experience some trial and error. The right power is crucial and you can send your shot straight to the goalie instead of scoring. Make sure your scoring character’s attributes are high enough to allow them to use these skills. Also you need to make sure you are moving at a good speed, punching straight balls in FIFA 23 will also give you a better chance of scoring with a low drive shot.

These are the best ways and guides to score low shots in FIFA 23, and you can also practice more to have a few superb shooting matches. For more discounted FUT 23 coins you can go to Z2U.con to buy them.

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