Minecraft: How To Find And Ride Strider

Minecraft: How To Find And Ride Strider

As part of Minecraft’s Lower Realm update, the Strider, a red rectangular creature, roams the Lower Realm and also has an important role to play. Players can seize the opportunity to cross the lava lake in the lower realm and can tame the Strider to ride on the lava. So this guide will show players how to find and ride Strider in Minecraft, and players also need to prepare enough Minecraft for Windows Game Coins.

What is Strider?

Strider is a passive mob native to the Nether, and they like some twisted green fungal mushrooms. They follow the player when they hold a fungus in front of them. They usually spawn in groups of two to four, and there is a one in ten chance that a young Strider will spawn riding an adult Strider. And Striders walk much faster on lava than on land, and their appearance becomes darker on lava. If you want to ride a Strider, you need to put a saddle on it, and then you can ride them anywhere you want at any time.

How to find Strider

In Minecraft, players can find Striders in the lava seas of the lower dimensions. if you have trouble finding one, you can also use cheats to summon a Strider, or you can use spawners to spawn a Strider yourself.

How to ride Strider

Strider is not as easy to tame as riding a horse. In this respect, Strider is more similar to a pig, so in order to ride and control a Strider in the lower realms, the following conditions need to be met.

Saddle: A saddle is required to ride things in Minecraft, but saddles cannot be crafted in Minecraft and require players to obtain them in Minecraft dungeons, temples or fortresses, etc. Thankfully, the saddle can be found in the chests in most fortresses in Minecraft, including the Lower Realm Fortress.

Warp fungus on a stick: A stick can make a fishing rod that then comes with warp fungus as bait. She can be used to guide and control Strider’s movement and direction of movement, similar to the way a carrot on a stick is used to control a piggyback ride.

Rope: Players can find ropes by killing spiders, looting desert shrines, searching villages, etc. Ropes can be used to tug on small monsters so they follow you. Once you dismount, you will need a rope to tether them to prevent them from wandering off at will.

Downworld turn fence (optional): When riding in the downworld, players may need to bring a downworld turn fence. This fence is rented to attach a lead to it, allowing the player to explore the lower realm, and it does not allow the Strider to wander around.

Once you have the items you need to install the Strider, it will be easier to ride the Strider across the Lava Sea to other places in Minecraft.

  1. Go to or build the nearest workbench, make a fishing pole with a stick and rope, combine the fishing pole with a warp fungus, and make the warp fungus on a stick so that you can easily control the Strider once you’ve mounted it.
  2. The Strider is created in a sea of lava, so you should be careful that you and your belongings do not fall into the lava. When you find the Strider in the lava sea in the lower dimension, hold the saddle and press or click the “Use” button to place the saddle on the strider.
  3. Press or click the “Use” button again to ride the Strider. The strider will continue to do his own thing and you will have no control over him at this point.
  4. When you hold the warped fungus in your hand and place it in front of you to guide it, it will follow the warped fungus on the stick in the direction you point it.
  5. When you get off the Strider, make sure you are on land, otherwise you will fall into the lava.

The above is a specific guide on how to find and ride the Strider in Minecraft, if you find this guide helpful for you to ride the Strider in the lower realms of Minecraft, you can subscribe to Mmorpgm.com for more useful guides.

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