Elden Ring: How to Defeat the Fire Giant

Elden Ring: How to Defeat the Fire Giant

One of the most memorable major story bosses in Elden Ring is the final obstacle that the Defiler must face at the top of Giant Mountain before setting Erdtree on fire. To reach the Fire Giant, players must follow a frozen lake into the highlands of the southern region of the mountain top. If you want to find the lurking Fire Giants, check out our Elden Ring Fire Giants guide to find every Boss in the game, and prepare for Cheap Elden Ring Runes.

Fire Giant Locations: Where to find Fire Giants in Elden Ring

To find the Fire Giant, you must travel to the top of Giant Mountain. To get to the top, you must head to Leyndell. once there, head to Great Erdtree, where Melina will entrust you with the Rold Medallion. You must then cross the Forbidden Lands (an area fairly straight east of the Royal Capital Leyndell) and head to the Great Rold Lift, where you can use the Rold Medallion to ascend to the summit.

When you reach the top, head north through the Zamor Ruins until you enter Freezing Lake. follow it south to the First Church of Marika, battling the cold fog Northern Lights on the way. Then, climb the nearby cliffs and continue south until you reach the Church of Rest, the closest place of grace to the Fire Giant’s Boss Arena. From there, head east until you find a wall of fog through a small canyon.

How to Defeat the Fire Giant in Elden Ring

The main problem you will encounter in this battle is the sheer size of the Fire Giant. You will have a hard time tracking him effectively, which will make the process of dodging his attacks take some guesswork.

What you should do is lock onto his left foot when you get close and switch to his chest when you get away. This will ensure that he (most of the time) stays in the frame, allowing you to predict his different attacks.

It’s worth noting that you can ride on a horse during this fight, which, as we’re about to explain, can be crucial. Don’t bother bringing a shield, so you can also maximize your damage output with a two-handed weapon.

It helps to think of the Fire Giant as a normal humanoid Boss running in slow motion. Given his size, he takes longer to do basic moves, so use it to your advantage and don’t roll too early.

The Fire Giant’s super armor can be destroyed, but there is no way to blitz, so use this opportunity to deal damage.

After defeating the Boss, a new Land of Grace will appear at the edge of the furnace. Climb up – try not to fall – touch the site of grace and rest. melina will appear, explaining what needs to be done and offering you options. If you are not keeping up, the furnace will need to be lit in order to start working again, thus providing you with the flame you need to burn the Erdtree.

This is a critical moment that can determine which ending you get, so don’t rush.

If Melina does not appear to you immediately after the break, restart the game and return to the nearby Land of Grace, then head to the furnace. It’s unclear why she sometimes doesn’t spawn, but some players have reported needing to restart the game to trigger her overworld animation.

That’s all you need to know to defeat the Fire Giant in Elden Ring. If you’d like to learn about other Elden Ring news and guides, subscribe to Mmorpgm.com for more information.

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