WoW Wrath Classic: Fury Warrior PvE Guide (WotLK)

WoW Wrath Classic: Fury Warrior PvE Guide (WotLK)

Fury Warriors are probably the most fearsome melee damage dealers in Wrath of the Lich King Classic. During the pre-patch for Wrath of the Lich King Classic, players will be able to level up or equip their characters, and will be able to experience some of the class changes ahead of the official release. So this guide will inform you of Fury Warrior PvE guide in WotLK, and you can buy WoW WotLK Classic Gold to upgrade your character and gear.

Fury Warrior Stat Priority

The most important stats for Fury Warrior are hit rate and power. Expertise and armor penetration still need to hit a certain threshold, however, a higher item level item is the best gear because it has higher overall stats. If you must prioritize a piece of gear, follow this order:

Hit rate (up to 8% cap*)


Armor Penetration

Crit rating

Expertise (up to 26 Expertise*)


Haste rating

Attack power

The most important thing in the game when making sure your abilities get hit. Fortunately, with the Precision talent, only a 165 hit rating is required. The draenei passive racial trait Heroic Presence also provides 1% hit rating, now only requires 132 hit rating.

Fury Warrior’s Skill Rotation

Fury Warriors don’t necessarily need to follow a specific rotation, first of all, keep Battle Shout or Command Shout, using the set requires more of either. Within the priority range of the skills below, make sure the primary target also maintains 5 stacks of Sunder Armor and Shout of Frustration.

For single-target encounters, follow these priorities:

Blood rage

Heroic throw


Death wish

Heroic Strike (uses excess rage)



Slam (triggered from Blood Surge)

Break armor


Demoralized cry

Piercing Howl

For multi-target encounters, the only changes are that Whirlwind has a higher priority than Bloodlust and uses Cleave as an alternative to Heroic Strike

Advantages of Fury Warrior

Top single target damage

Fury Warriors are the best single-target DPS in the game, leading when players only have one target to attack.

Top split damage

Fury Warriors have solid split damage, and you’re always near the top of the damage meter no matter how many targets you attack in combat, all thanks to Cleave and Whirlwind.

Simple rotation

While WotLK complicates many specialization DPS rotations, it’s still the easiest for Fury Warrior.

Excellent mobility for melee classes

There’s quite a bit of movement in WotLK raids, and Fury Warriors are the least affected of all melee DPS specs. With Fury’s exclusive Heroic Fury, you can use two interceptions in a row and it will get you to your target instantly, anytime, anywhere.

Disadvantages of Fury Warrior

Lack of AoE damage

The Furious Warrior has incredible damage when attacking up to 4 targets. But all of our spells are limited to a maximum of 4 targets.

Rare and Situational Utilities

While utility isn’t as important in Wrath, it’s still an important aspect of every class and specialization. But Fury Warriors is very limited in that department. Many of the Furious Warrior’s utilities are no longer unique to fighters.

Highly dependent on equipment

While Fury Warriors can do incredible damage, their base damage isn’t that great. This means they are weaker in the early stages and only truly become unstoppable powerhouses in the late stages of the expansion.

The above is the specific guide for Fury Warrior in Wrath of Warcraft Classic. If you want to quickly upgrade your Fury Warrior in Wrath of Warcraft Classic, you can buy enough WotLK Gold in time.

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