5 Things That Make No Sense In Myth Of Empires

5 Things That Make No Sense In Myth Of Empires

Myth Of Empires is one of the best MMO games in recent years, and players can explore unrestrictedly in this survival journey. While a lot of things can be explained by artistic choices or playstyles, some things don’t make much sense at all. So this article is going to state the things that don’t make sense in the Myth of Empires here, if you want to roam freely in the Myth of Empires, buy plenty of Myth of Empires Copper Coins.

The Art of Taming Elephants

Taming the beasts that roam the most hostile areas of the map is one of the strangest mechanics in the game, as taming a horse is intuitive, it gradually calms down as they try to drive you away, resulting in an obedient companion, Players can also use it as a mount. But rhinos and elephants need more stamina to lure them into cages and knock them out repeatedly. First you need to go down into the body of water to find them drinking, then annoy them and lead them to a giant animal cage. When you knock it down, it will drop feed and you need to give it food before knocking it down again in the loop. This is great for large raids or sieges.

Crowded fight

Myth of Empires server size is between 100-200 players, which can feel a little crowded in PVP. Because this game has a relatively high reputation, it attracts many players to gather here. In Myth of Empires, the tide of battle can turn very fast, leaving a victor without any significant enemies to contend with, a fast-track to stale servers. Limits can be raised in-game to allow room for spectators to fight, build tension, and add spice to the storyline between guilds. Once the game continues to evolve and new features are added, queue wait times can become an issue as teams vie for positions and resources on the map.

Map layout

Beginners will find that when you’re wandering around without knowing anything about the terrain, you can easily get into an advanced area and not immediately notice, leaving you vulnerable to a rhino raid and ending the game. Only the end game area is clearly visible from the terrain, but it’s also best not to get close until you reach level 40. And before you know the danger zone, you need to get used to it or check the spawning place, especially if you are attacked by crocodiles when you set up your base, the consequences will be disastrous.

Waste material

When you destroy a structure, all materials are thrown away. For a game centered on collecting materials, players are better off keeping them as long as possible. Often games sacrifice quality of life for realism or difficulty, but Myth of Empires only makes the game more tedious in the process. It’s like misplacing a roof or door and then throwing the whole structure around and needing serious patching to fix it.

Chaos item

At any stage of the game, collecting resources can take up a lot of game time, leading to bigger weapons and better armor. It doesn’t make sense to go to the biggest rock in the quarry when the player can find just as much from a normal boulder. Unreliable resources aren’t a big deal when players have enough tools to get the job done quickly, but you can find a mini supply crate in the smallest of places. Although this mechanic is often institutionalized during the resource gathering process, it also brings some surprises to the quest.

Those are the five things that make no sense in Myth of Empires, I hope you can improve the useless things you do in the game after reading this article. If you would like to learn more about the Myth of Empires guide, please subscribe to Mmorpgm.com.

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