How To Find And Kill Officer Hagen In Diablo Immortal

How To Find And Kill Officer Hagen In Diablo Immortal

There are many bosses and enemies to defeat in Diablo Immortal, Officer Hagen is only one of them, but he is also one of the strongest. Officer Hagan is part of the Kill Officer Hagan side quest found in Ashworld Cemetery, and killing Officer Hagan will also give the player some nice loot, but he’s harder to find. So this guide will be here to show players how to find and kill Officer Hagen in Diablo Immortal, players can also buy enough Diablo Immortal Currency in the game.

Diablo: Hagen Officer Location Guide

In order to find Officer Hagen, players will need to travel to Ashworld Cemetery, where players will receive the “Kill Officer Hagen” side quest. Since this side quest is not part of the main storyline, many players miss Officer Hagen and the equipment and resources that drop after defeating him. Players can find Officer Hagen at the Mad King’s Breach teleportation point north of the Ashworld Manor. After exiting the waypoint, go down a few steps to reach where the boss spawns. But you’ll need to wait a while, as Officer Hagen’s respawn period is a bit long. All you need to do is take him out to complete the side quest to kill Officer Hagen. While waiting for Officer Hagen to respawn, you don’t just have to wait, as there are plenty of worms, hounds, and guarded enemies to kill, and it’s a great way to harvest monster essence.

How to beat Officer Hagen in Diablo Immortal

Officer Hagen was a shield bearer, part of the same unit as some of the other guards in the area. He attacks with his sword, then charges back with his shield. But players need to be aware that his swordsman is casting spells when he is raised in the air, sometimes he will throw stone walls and fireballs from the sky, and sometimes he will summon electric balls to protect himself. Officer Hagen has many magical spells, each with a different effect, just like any other boss, there will be fireballs that do a lot of damage to you. Using the Stonewall spell, he can have an extra shield for himself.

The best way to resist Officer Hagen is to keep moving in the game and try to avoid touching anything he throws at you and attack him with whatever weapon you have, no matter what level you are. If you encounter any difficulties during the battle with Officer Hagen, you can always ask for help from other players, because Officer Hagen is the world boss, any player who wants to join the party can help, and after defeating Officer Hagen Everyone has a fair amount of rewards. Likewise, you can join other players in battle to help defeat Officer Hagen and get some rewards.

Fighting and defeating Officer Hagen will help you gain a lot of resources, which are enough to help you benefit during the game. Hope this guide will help you defeat Officer Hagen after reading this guide. For more game guides on Diablo Immortal, please subscribe to

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