How To Get The Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Prized Pelt And What It’s Used For

How To Get The Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Prized Pelt And What It’s Used For

Many new materials have been added to Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak that players need to collect to craft the newest and most powerful gear, Prized Pelts are new items introduced in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, it is the rarest material that can be used for Craft various items. Because the new area is so large, there’s always a chance that players won’t get material drops, as it’s hard to be sure where these items are available. So this guide aims to tell players how to get Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak’s Prized pelt and its usefulness, players can also prepare enough Monster Hunter Rise Items in case they need it in the game.

How to Get Prized Pelts in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

1. Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Players can obtain Prized Pelts from master-level Kelbi and Anteka, Kelbi is mainly distributed in Temple Ruins, Flooded Forest and Sandy Plains, while Anteka is in the Frost Isles, close to the main base camp.

2. First, you need to hunt down any of these monsters in the Master Rank quest.

3. To get Prized pelts in MH Rise, players can kill any of the following small creatures, they all have a chance to drop them.

4. Kelbi has a 30% chance to drop Prized pelts, but on the other hand, Anteka has only 18% chance of carving Prized pelts.

5. However, finding Kelbi is much easier than Anteka, because Kelbi is scattered in multiple locations within the shrine ruins, so hunting Kelbi to get Prized Pelt is the best option.

6. Kelbi is a small creature with blue Pelt, it will run away if a large monster invades its location.

7. After entering the shrine ruins, find Kelbi between areas 11, 13 and 8 to 10. Once you find them, hunt all Kelbis in sight and carve them to obtain Prized pelts.

Purpose of Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Prized Pelt

For making decorations

Hard Ice Res Jewel 4 (×3)

For making weapons

Fortissimo+ (×2)

Used to craft upgraded weapons

Anteka Blaster+ (×4)

Bombadgy’s Cry+ (×3)

Fortissimo+ (×2)

Great Anteka Blade (×3)

Hypercaster (×3)

Kelbi Deershot (×3)

Sleepy Bear+ (×2)

Feral Grunt (×2)

Feral Grunt (×2)

Used to craft armor and companion gear

Droth Mail X (×1)

Khezu Coil X (×1)

Slagtoth Cloak X (×1)

Leather Gloves X (×2)

Leather Headgear X (×1)

Slagtoth Hood X (×1)

Lagombi Helm X (×1)

Kadachi Greaves X (×1)

Hunter’s Greaves X (×1)

Hunter’s Helm X (×1)

Lagombi Coil X (×1)

Arzuros Helm X (×1)

Bone Vambraces X (×1)

Izuchi Coil X (×1)

Volvidon Mail X (×1)

The above is a guide on how to get the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Prized Pelt and its uses, if you find our guide helpful, or have any suggestions for our articles, please subscribe to our blog, drop us a message below our articles.

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