Bless Unleashed: How To Get And Summon Mounts

Bless Unleashed: How To Get And Summon Mounts

A mount in Bless Unleashed is a companion creature that players can summon to help them move quickly from place to place and across large areas. This guide will show you how to get and summon mounts in Bless Unleashed, and you can also buy cheap Bless Unleashed currency to make it easier to use your mounts to get to other places in the game.

Types of mounts in Bless Unleashed

Mounts are divided into several classes according to their rarity: common, rare, rare, epic and legendary. The higher the rarity, the more sprint charges the mount has. Common mounts have zero sprint charges, with each additional level increasing the sprint charge, so legendary mounts (the most coveted) have four sprint charges.

Common: no sprint cost

Uncommon: 1 dash dash

Rare: 2 sprint costs

Epic: 3 sprint costs

List of mounts

Brown Horse

Small Deer

Young Boar

Frost Wolf

White Boar




Alabasta Deer


Obsidian Sabertooth

Red War Camel


White War Horse

Wasteland Axe Beak

Third Eye Hyaenodon

Hillside Goat

Deep Valley Boar

Jungle Sabertooth

Tangled Trees Muskox

Red Bear

Turquoise Racing Turtle

Goldenwave Boar

Blue War Camel

Gray Razortusk

Trained War Stag

Black War Horse

Pink Ostrich






Whitemane Bear


Bighorn Deer


Tamed Hippo

How to get a mount in Bless Unleashed

Mounts can be obtained in a number of ways. You can obtain mounts by purchasing them from mount merchants, taming, VIP rewards, drops, achievements, treasure map pieces and event/chest rewards. The easiest way to get a new mount is to purchase a mount from the Mount Trader NPC, which can be found in every area and is the fastest and most reliable way to get a new mount. Once a player has purchased a mount from a merchant, the mount’s summon card will appear in the “consumables” tab of the player’s bag. In addition, players can also purchase other mounts from the Prestige Merchant, Faction Shop and Cash Shop.

How to summon a mount in Bless Unleashed

Once players have acquired their mounts, it’s time to research how to summon them. First the player must open their pack and find the mount card in the ‘consumables’ tab and use the card to transfer the mount to the stables. To access a mount, the player can open the “Stables” block in the menu, select the desired mount and equip it.

You can easily summon your newly acquired mount by following these steps.

1) Press and hold the “Right Bumper (RB)” to toggle the action.

2) Press “D-Pad Down” to summon your mount.

When summoning your mount, a yellow spell bar will appear above your character’s life bar. A whistle will sound to indicate that your mount has been successfully summoned.

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