How To Unlock And Reach Golden Apple Archipelago In Genshin Impact

How To Unlock And Reach Golden Apple Archipelago In Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact’s Summer 2022 occasion is here, bringing back a restricted time area that was first presented: the Golden Apple archipelago. By completing quests, challenges, and side objectives in Genshin Impact 2.8’s Golden Apple archipelago, players can procure lots of remunerations, including Heroic Wisdom, Primogems, and Fischl’s new character outfits. Players who want to unlock early and travel to the Golden Apple archipelago to complete missions can purchase some Genshin Impact Top Up to give the monetary base for the game.

How to unlock the Golden Apple Archipelago

To unlock the Golden Apple archipelago, players need to be eligible for the Summertime Odyssey event. The Summer Odyssey event prerequisites are as follows:

1. Reach at least Adventure Level 32 (AR32): Clear all available Archon Quests and World Quests, complete all Daily Quests every day, clear commissions to get Story Keys, defeat all available weekly bosses and use Resin to earn rewards.

2. Clear the story after Chapter 2, the prologue Archon quest: Complete “A Nova Comes”, a quest along the entire Mondstadt and Liyue quest lines. Afterwards complete “We Will Reunite”, the Archon quest featuring Dainsleif. Then talk to Atsuko in Liyue Port and start “Autumn Wind and Red Leaves”.

3. Complete Mona’s story quest: Players can bypass the requirement to clear Mona’s story quest through the quick launch button on the event. To unlock Mona’s story missions, you must collect (and use) Story Keys. Launch Genshin Impact on your device and open the Quests menu. Moving on to the story missions next. In the Story Quest menu, you will be able to see your current Story Key total in the upper right corner. You can only have three at a time. Your total number of story keys should increase by one in the upper right corner. Use this story key to unlock Mona’s story missions.

How to reach the Golden Apple Archipelago

1. Follow the quest line “Return from the Golden Apple Holidays!” to go to the Golden Apple archipelago.

2. Or you can start the event questline from the Summertime Odyssey tab in the game events overview menu (or from the basic mode).

3. After hanging out with the main players of Mond City for a while, you will be guided to the Golden Apple archipelago in a peculiar vehicle parked outside the city gate.

4. Archipelago is part of a separate map for the rest of Teyvat, similar to Serenitea Pot.

5. You can switch between maps and travel between the Golden Apple archipelago and the main map at will during the event by simply interacting with any unlocked teleportation points.

6. You will not lose any progress in the Summer Odyssey by returning to the city to complete the daily quests.

That’s all we have to offer on how to unlock and travel to the Golden Apples in Genshin Impact. Assuming you’re keen on the mid year occasions in Genshin Impact, watch out for for more data.

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