Diablo Immortal Hydra And Golem Locations And How To Summon And Defeat Hydras And Golems

Diablo Immortal Hydra And Golem Locations And How To Summon And Defeat Hydras And Golems

Fleshcraft Hydra and Sandstone Golem are the two world bosses currently available in Diablo Immortal. In this article, we’ll detail where to find them, how to summon them, and how to defeat them. Players can purchase in-game gems and gear through Diablo Immortal Platinum to improve their combat abilities.

Where to find Hydra and Golem Locations

Diablo Immortal Flesh Hydra Location

If it does spawn for you, you can find the Hydra in Diablo Immortal in the circular area north of the Writing Ingress and west of the Secret Archives.

Hydras drop x6 Magic Dust when defeated, and have a chance to drop Legendary gear. The first time you kill a Hydra, you’ll get Zolton Kuller’s original Horadric Vessel, which you can then take to the Horadrim’s Legacy and put in for increased stat bonuses.

Diablo Immortal Sandstone Golem Location

If it spawned in the Zoltun Kulle library after you or someone else used the Portal Tome, you can find the Golem in the Diablo Immortal above the Hidden Alcove area at the far north end of the map.

Golems drop x6 Magic Dust when defeated, and have a chance to drop Legendary gear. Kill the Sandstone Golem for the first time and you’ll get the guilt of the Nameless Horadric Vessel. You can then take this ship to Horadrim’s Legacy and insert it to increase stat bonuses.

How to Summon Hydras and Golems

1. Go to the Jordan Cooler Library.

2. Look for “missing pages” all over the library. The positions of the pages are random, but they always look like a stack of paper.

3. Once you have collected the five lost pages, you can create a Portal Tome.

When using Portal Tome, there is a small chance that the Fleshcraft Hydra World Boss or Sandstone Golem World Boss will be summoned. However, it’s also possible that you’ll just have to open a portal to a small dungeon called a hidden room called Kuller. While the loot in these dungeons can actually be very valuable, it’s understandable that most players want to summon world bosses when using Portal Tome. So if you or another player in the same area successfully summoned one of the bosses, everyone in the area will receive a notification that you just triggered the summon.

How to Defeat Hydras and Golems

Both Hydra and Golem have over 20 million health, and the more players you have in the area, the more damage you can collectively deal to reduce that impressive health bar.

Hydra has a lot of moves that can be used against you – Acid Spit, Acid Retention and Tail Swipe are the main moves.

While Hydra’s attacks are slow, they’re devastating, so whether you decide to fight world bosses solo or with other players, knowledge of the mechanics using it is essential. Acid Spit and Lingering Pool of Acid are frontal AoE attacks where you can’t linger, while Tail Swipe will knock back anyone within range and deal a lot of damage.

Golems have a very different skill set, but are just as dangerous – Trample, Long Charge, and Shard Slam.

Stomp sends out shockwaves that deal AoE damage in a large area. Avoiding this is tricky, so you may find it easier to stay on the offensive and use your Health Globe as needed. Long Dash is a charge attack that knocks back anyone in the golem’s path. As for Shard Slam, whenever the golem hits the ground with its fist, you’ll have a few seconds to avoid the red circles that appear on the battlefield before the shards fall and deal damage to anyone left in those areas.

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