Fortnite: Fortnite Floating Ring Locations And How To Collect Floating Rings Near Realistic Waterfalls

Fortnite: Fortnite Floating Ring Locations And How To Collect Floating Rings Near Realistic Waterfalls

Fortnite floating rings can be found around Reality Falls and you need to jump and collect them to complete new Fortnite challenges. You’ll need to grab five of these mysterious, glowing rings to complete the quest and earn 15,000 XP, and while Reality Falls is a popular landing spot, surviving long enough can also be a real challenge. Players can buy cheap Fortnite accounts to help you find floating ring locations early in the game.

Fortnite floating ring location

Most of the floating rings around Realistic Falls are on or beside the huge cliffs on the north side of POI. You will most likely need at least 100 building materials to collect each to build all five rings. However, there are also geysers at the base of Cliff Falls for you to shoot into the sky and fly into each ring with your glider.

Floating Ring 1:

At the northern end of the Reality Falls cliff, you can find a ring floating directly above the ascender. We recommend building this ring, as jumping off an ascender will only get you inches away from it.

Floating Ring 2:

Go from the first ring to the rest of the cliff and find the second ring floating above the middle.

Floating Ring 3:

Next to the waterfall on the cliff, you will find another floating ring on top of another giant blue mushroom. If you can’t see clearly, this mushroom is outside a cabin.

Floating Ring 4:

In typical Fortnite fashion, a ring is hidden within the waterfall itself. So, you can jump right off the cliff to catch it.

Floating Ring 5:

The last ring can be located near another ascender. This ascender is directly parallel to the ascender on the opposite side of the cliff.

How to collect floating rings near realistic waterfalls

Now that you’ve found the location of the floating rings, you must collect five of them to complete one of the Fortnite missions in Week 5. To collect the ring, you just pass through it – no button required. However, you’ll notice that they’re not exactly in easy-to-grab places, and many are beyond the reach of regular jumps.

Jumping on conveniently placed glowing mushrooms is the way to go, as they will launch you into the air and get you to the floating ring – if you happen to have Fortnite Grapple Gloves on you, you can try using these too. These mushrooms can sit directly under the ring, which means you have to try to jump straight up or control your fall. Others are found on cliff walls where waterfalls fall, so you have to descend slightly to land on mushrooms and fly to the Fortnite floating ring. The rings also have annoyingly small and subtle hits, so you need to be very precise with your jumps.

Once you get five floating rings, you are done. All other rings will disappear and you don’t have to worry about them anymore. While you’re in the Reality Falls area, try picking up the Fortnite Ripsaw Launcher and hunting for some giant mushrooms in Fortnite for another week 5 mission.

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