How to Open a Schlage Lock with a Dead Battery

How to Open a Schlage Lock with a Dead Battery

Even though a dead battery is never a pleasant surprise, your Schlage lock can still be opened without it. This post will demonstrate how to utilize everyday objects to open a Schlage lock that has a dead battery. If you follow these simple instructions, you’ll be home in no time if you’ve lost your keys or simply don’t have the time to wait for a locksmith. At, you can also get sufficient Lock Picking Tools.

How to Open a Schlage Lock with a Dead Battery

1. Using keys

Try using the actual key that came with the Schlage lock if it has a key slot. Although it sounds intuitive, we occasionally forget that we have a physical key as a fallback. This can serve as a helpful reminder to have your keys with you at all times just in case you need them. The best technique to open a lock that does not belong to you is to speak with the owner to see if you can obtain the key.

2. Start Lock

You can tell if your Schlage lock model includes a battery jumper if it lacks a key slot or if the actual key isn’t functional. A battery backup option on some Schlage locks, including the Touch, lets you temporarily power the lock with a 9-volt battery.

There will be two distinct circular attachment points at the bottom of the face of your lock if it has this functionality. Only a few models are compatible with this, but it can save your life if your battery dies.

Schlage Touch Lock Battery Jumping Procedure:

1. Firmly put a fresh 9-volt alkaline battery onto the contacts on the lock’s bottom.

2. Attend to one red light, three green lights, and three beeps.

3. Type in a reliable user code.

4. To open the door, counterclockwise-turn the bolt circle.

If your lock responds to this, you must replace the batteries right away and check the lock’s functionality.

3. Find access to the inner panel

Examine every possible alternative to surgery before giving up and calling a locksmith to obtain access to the door’s interior panels. Others might be entering through other doors or unlocked windows.

Check out our advice on unlocking deadbolts without a key if there is simply no other way to get inside to change the batteries and you don’t want to spend the money on a locksmith. When attempting to force access, it can be preferable to use a less secure door with a typical deadbolt or door handle lock.

4. Find a locksmith

You need to hire a locksmith to help you get in if the battery in your Schlage lock dies and there is no other way to open it. You might think about picking the lock yourself if you’re thinking about replacing the lock or if the locksmith wants to charge more than the lock is worth. But, hiring a pro is definitely the quicker and safer option.

How do I change the battery on my Schlage lock?

The battery lid should be turned counterclockwise using a coin or other small object. The battery will be visible after the cover is removed.

Make that the new batteries are installed correctly (i.e., + side up) before removing the old ones.

Reinstall the battery cover and tighten it in place by turning it clockwise.

You must have found clear instructions on how to open a Schlage lock with a dead battery thanks to this post. Visit to see our wide variety of Locksmith Tools if you’re curious about the many types of locks.

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