God of War: How to Get the Zeus Set of Armor

God of War: How to Get the Zeus Set of Armor

The Zeus armor set from God of War is one of the most difficult armor sets in the game, but as a result, it is also one of the most potent sets overall. Kratos’s ability to deliver more damage to opponents while taking more harm himself is both enhanced by the Zeus armor. In order to obtain Zeus armor in God of War, players must first become experts at the game. This tutorial will show players how to do so. In addition, players can purchase a sufficient number of God of War CD Key in the game.

How to get the Zeus Armor Set in God of War

Playing God of War on “Give Me God of War” difficulty in New Game Plus, which is extremely difficult even for seasoned players, will grant you access to the Zeus armor set. Given their divine status, several of the Norse characters in God of War. The Zeus Breastplate, Zeus Gauntlets, and Zeus War Belt are obtained by defeating each Valkyrie and Queen in addition to the Zeus Armor.

Unfortunately, there have been conflicting reports regarding the difficulty at which New Game Plus should be played. Many God of War fans have asserted that “Give me God of War” difficulty should be used. The God of War Zeus armor is then obtained on lower difficulties, but players must still complete the game on New Game Plus to receive it.

Players must complete a game and then launch a new game plus mode in order to get armor. By beating Valkyrie, which is not possible on the initial playthrough, players can obtain Zeus’ breastplate. Zeus’ gauntlets can be obtained by beating Gondor in Muspelheim, and Zeus’ War Belt can be obtained by defeating Hildr in Nifheim. Players must eliminate every Valkyrie in order to beat Sigrun because she is the Queen of the Valkyrie.

Kratos receives the Glass Ballista talent as well as significant power, rune, and defense skill enhancements from the Zeus armor in God of War. The impact of the passive talent Glass Ballista grows with each item of armor worn. Kratos’ standard attack damage output is significantly raised when the Glass Ballista ability is active, but the intensity of the damage he receives from God of War bosses and enemies is also increased. The Zeus armor in God of War is unquestionably the best offensive option because it can deliver enormous damage to foes even on “Give Me God of War” difficulty.

God of War develops a gripping narrative that propels a difficult gaming experience. The free update also enables players to become more involved in Krators’ quest even if New Game Plus wasn’t included in God of War at first. The Zeus armor set is undoubtedly some of the more interesting gear among the items included in New Game Plus. For gamers who desire to take on a new role in God of War and challenge themselves to perform challenging tasks, obtaining the Zeus armor is necessary. To assist them obtain the Zeus armor early, players can purchase enough God of War CDkeys in the game.

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