FFXIV: How To Put Materials Into Gear And How To Unlock Them

FFXIV: How To Put Materials Into Gear And How To Unlock Them

If players of all skill levels want to perform at their peak in Final Fantasy XIV, they must learn how to apply Materia to gear. Materia gives players the advantage they need to get outrageous critical strikes or create high-quality items with common resources, regardless of whether they are creating, collecting, or looting. To play Final Fantasy XIV at their best, players of all skill levels must understand how to apply Materia to their equipment. As a result, this guide will show players how to make gear in Final Fantasy XIV and how to unlock it. In the game, players can prepare enough FFXIV Gil.

How to add materials in FFXIV

Players can earn, acquire, and sell materials without limitation early in the game, which adds materials to FFXIV. However, there are a few quick required side missions in FFXIV that players must complete before they can attach or fuse Materia to their devices. First, finish Swynbroes’ “Forging Souls” level 19 quest at the bonfire in the middle of Thanalan. The “Extracting Materia” move, which enables the user to produce Materia by removing 100% Spiritbond from gear, is what he will teach the player. Swynbroes is located northeast of Black Brush Station at X:24, Y:13.8.

The next thing that players must learn in FFXIV is how to add Materia to their weapons or armor. Talk to F’hobhas, an NPC by the campfire close to Swynbroes. To learn how to affix magic stones to gear, complete her “Awakening the Soul” level 19 quest. Remember that only crafting jobs in Final Fantasy XIV require players to be level 19, not combat jobs.

Finally, at level 25, players must finish the quest “Fusing a Large Number of Materia” if they want to fuse more Materia than their equipment can hold. The quest giver, Mutamix Bubblypots, is situated nearby Swynbroes and F’hobhas in the same region. The over-merging of a Materia should be used with caution because failure can result in the loss of the Materia.

You can run dungeons, purchase them from the market board, exchange tokens for them, or even just play the game normally to obtain Materia for fusion. The more gear you use—including the crafting recipes for your level—while the content is equal to or higher than your gear item level—the more Spiritbond you’ll acquire.

Your gear will ultimately reach 100% after you have accumulated enough Spiritbond, and an in-game message will let you know when it has achieved its maximum level. When you choose gear from the character screen, a new action called Extract Materia will become available once the maximum has been reached. Your Spirtbond is reset to zero after extracting Materia here, so you can max it out once more to obtain more Materia.

In truth, Final Fantasy XIV Gil can be very helpful to you, especially for those players who don’t have enough time to play the game, whether you want to buy magic spar or add magic spar.

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