Destiny 2: How To Find The Circle of Bones And Complete Essence Of Obscurity

Destiny 2: How To Find The Circle of Bones And Complete Essence Of Obscurity

The Every Waking Minute Submachine Gun can only be found in the Circle of Bones, which is essentially an area deep in Hell’s Mouth on the Moon where players must search for and acquire artifacts. This guide will show players how to find the Circle of Bones in Destiny 2 and finish the Essence of Obscurity. Players can also prepare enough Destiny 2 top up in the game to help find Circle of Bones. There are two specific quest steps in the game that will eventually take you to the Circle of Bones in Destiny 2.

What is the Circle of Bones in Destiny 2?

The Circle of Bones is where you need to go in Destiny 2 if you want challenges and some awesome prizes! This vanished realm is full of mysteries and awaits daring explorers like you in Port of Sorrow, Hell’s Mouth, on the moon of Storm Ocean. Your first assignment from Eris Morn is to investigate and learn the secrets of this mystery location as part of her Symphony of Death quest.

Where to find the Circle of Bones in Destiny 2

It’s unfortunate that getting to the Circle of Bones is difficult. From the shelter, move north until you come to the northern limit of the Hellmouth region.

Standing close to a large building with openings on both sides will allow you to glimpse the entrance to Hell’s Mouth’s lower level. As you descend the road, keep going until you reach The Gatehouse.

Follow that path to the right, then follow the wall to the left, where you’ll find a wide entrance leading to another cave channel. An orange light at the end of the room will point you to the next region, so follow that passage there.

You’re on the correct track if you detect white, glowing crystals sticking out of the wall’s base.

Enter this building, then descend. On your right, there should be a doorway. Enter the entryway, then continue on your walk until you reach a circular space on your right. The Gatehouse is the name of this location.

From the gatehouse, turn right, pass through a little door, and continue along this route. In-game, the phrase “Circle of Bones” will appear above your ability bar.

You can take the Withered Feather from a ledge to your left after you arrive at this location. This is also where quests for the Deathbringer Exotic begin. This region is not unique in any way. Although there are some mini-bosses, they spawn rather randomly.

After reading the aforementioned guide, we hope that it will be easier for you to locate the Circle of Bones. The above information provides a thorough walkthrough of how to locate the Circle of Bones in Destiny 2 and finish the nature of obscurity. To aid in the game, players might prepare a lot of Destiny 2 Silver. Investigate several fresh missions.

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