Genshin Impact: How to Unlock the Dragonslayer Sumeru Achievement

Genshin Impact: How to Unlock the Dragonslayer Sumeru Achievement

Genshin Impact Challenger: Series VI’s Dragon Slayer achievement can be obtained by attacking the Aeonblight Drake’s wing core and taking it out in a single challenge. Therefore, this guide will explain to people how to obtain the Genshin Impact accomplishment called Dragonslayer Sumeru. In the game, players must also have a sufficient supply of Genshin Impact Genesis Crystals.

How to unlock the Dragonslayer Sumeru achievement in Genshin Impact

After taking out Aeonblight Drake in Sumeru, the achievement “Dragon Slayer Sumeru” becomes available. Genshin Impact features various distinctive foes, and one of Sumeru’s four world bosses is Aeonblight Drake. The easiest challenge you’ll encounter in Challenger Series VI in Sumeru is undoubtedly this enormous robot that lurks in the tunnels of Devantaka Mountain.

You must locate this planet boss before you may combat him. To begin with, travel to Aeonblight Drake’s Cave in the heart of Mount Devantaka. To try the achievement, you must challenge the boss and wait for it to launch. As a result, your squad unquestionably requires an archer. Additionally, if your squad is particularly powerful, we strongly advise against hitting the boss in order to prevent unintentionally killing it before it begins to fly.

Regardless of its HP level, the boss will begin flying at a specific point in the battle according to a predetermined set of actions. The two cores (circled above) that join the wings to the body are only visible when the Aeonblight Drake opens its wings while in flight. Then, use a targeted shot to knock each core out of the Aeonblight Drake, knocking the boss to the ground. The Challenger: Series VI achievement “Dragonslayer” will become available.

Defeat the Drake of the Eternal Waste to unlock the Dragonslayer Sumeru achievement

The world boss has been located, therefore it’s time for an epic battle. You can easily defeat Aeonblight Drake and earn the achievement “Dragon Slayer” by using the tips and tricks we have prepared for you.

Aeoblight Drake may move between the ground and flight positions while engaged in combat.

Its primary flaw is shown when it lifts flight, revealing the inner core.

Bring your best bowmen to the fight, like Ganyu or Tighnari.

Ensure that your character has two distinct ranged features. This is because Aeonblight Drake enhances the element’s resistance by absorbing the one that does him the most harm.

Sumeru, a dragonslayer. Success is now a step closer. Each Core drops from Drakes of the Eternal Waste when an Aimed Shot strikes it.

The detailed instructions for obtaining the Dragonslayer Sumeru achievement in Genshin Impact are provided above. To assist them obtain the Dragonslayer Sumeru milestone and other game achievements, players can purchase affordable Genshin Impact Top Up.

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