Elden Ring: How To Reach And Enter The Isolated Divine Tower

Elden Ring: How To Reach And Enter The Isolated Divine Tower

Various towers in Elden Ring can restore the main rune, and they are generally near the corresponding boss. The player’s task is to go to the Isolated Divine Tower to activate the Divine of Marinia, which is difficult for even experienced Elden Ring players to find. So this guide will guide players how to reach and enter the Isolated Divine Tower, players can also prepare enough Cheap Elden Ring Runes to help enter the Isolated Divine Tower.

How to Get to Elden RingIsolated Divine Tower

How the player gets to the Isolated Divine Tower depends on how far the player has progressed in the story, the earliest can be trapped via the Weeping Peninsula’s teleporter to get to the base of the tower, but the player won’t be able to get to the bottom of the tower until Malaya is defeated. This is also the only way to get to the tower if the player defeats Malikth.

The second way is to go to the Fortified Manor in Leyndell, the area is exactly the same as the copy of the round table. You can get here from the ruins of the West Capital City Walls in Grace and over the ledge to the west. Once inside the fortified manor, go to the first closed door on the right and open it. Go ahead and enter the open courtyard from the first door on the left. Beware of kidnapping virgins here. You don’t need to defeat these enemies to continue, though. Just dash forward to find the elevator. Activate it and you will surface at the bridge of gods.

How to open Elden RingIsolated Divine Tower

The first step is to complete the quest for the Secret Order of the Sacred Tree while advancing the story. You’ll have to use it on the giant elevator to access the Sacred Snow, and then to the hidden teleporter in the northern city of the area. Then you need to pass through the area of ​​​​the Migala tree, and finally confront Malenia head-on, which is not an easy task. When she dies you’ll get Malenia’s main rune, which will unlock the entrance to the Tower of Isolation. This is probably the largest rune farthest from his tower.

You can only enter the Isolated Divine Tower after defeating Marinia. Just like other towers, you can activate the Great Rune when you reach the top of the tower. Once activated, Marinia’s Great Rune will allow you to heal when you attack immediately after taking damage. The effect of this major rune is very similar to Bloodborne’s rallying mechanic. However, it also reduces the amount of health restored by Flask of Crimson Tears.

The above is a specific guide on how to reach and enter the Isolated Divine Tower in Elden Ring. Players can quickly buy enough Elden Ring Runes for Sale in the game to help reach and enter the Isolated Divine Tower.

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