How To Make An Effective Paperclip Lock Pick And Pick It

How To Make An Effective Paperclip Lock Pick And Pick It

Have you ever lost your key and couldn’t enter the house? In fact, as long as you have a little skill and find a few paper clips, you can easily help you unlock it. Although the process may not be as smooth as having a key, it can also ensure that you can unlock the door and enter the house smoothly. So this guide will guide you on how to make an effective paperclip lock pick and pick a lock, you can also go to an online lock store to buy Lock Picking Tools to help you unlock.

How to Make an Effective Paperclip Lock Pick

Tools needed:

2 large paper clips


Production process:

Step 1: Making the Tension Wrench

First, the tension wrench exerts a binding force on the pins, and this combined force allows us to lift the pins and set them between the cylinder and the lock housing, so that they are out of the way and out of the lock. The second is to imitate the key and give us the leverage we need to spin and send the lock open once we’ve removed all the pins.

Step 2: Choose a Paperclip Lock

In the art of lockpicking, there are generally two different types of lockpickers – hooks and rakes. Of the two types, rakes are the easiest and quickest to use.

Step 3: Apply Tension

Start by inserting the short end of the paper clip tension wrench into the bottom of the keyway, next, apply very, very light force on the tension wrench in the direction you would naturally turn the key. You are now applying tension to the lock and the pin is probably bound and ready to set.

How to Unlock with a Paperclip Lock Pick

1. Put your tension wrench into the bottom of the keyhole.

2. Using the wrench to maintain very fine tension, rotate the wrench with the lock turning. If you apply too much pressure, the shape of the paperclip will deform. If you don’t apply enough pressure, you won’t be able to successfully grasp the needle you picked. Once you find the right pressure, apply pressure throughout.

3. Put your pickaxe in the top keyhole. Make sure the hook is facing the pin.

4. Probe the pins. Insert your spudger into the back of the lock, find where each pin is, and gently lift each to see how hard they are. The hardest pin to move is the first bound pin, which you should start with. Note: Most common home locks made in the US have at least five pins.

5. Start picking the first staple. Use the pick to apply upward pressure to the pin and continue to apply pressure to the tension wrench. Once the pin reaches the cutting line, you should feel the pin loosen slightly. If there is resistance, continue shaking the pick and/or release a small amount of tension until the needle reaches the cutting line.

6. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until each pin is unlocked. Repeat step 5 to find the next binding pin. Then, select it as suggested in step 6. Repeat these two steps until the lock rotates and unlocks.

The above are the steps to make a paper clip lock pick and the process of using a paper clip to unlock the lock. Patience is the key, you can also go to to buy cheap Locksmith Tools.

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