Valorant’s 5 Best Guns

Valorant’s 5 Best Guns

Every weapon in the game has a certain purpose, but there is no one particular weapon, it all depends on the player’s game preference and play style. When it comes to weapons, Valorant has a huge arsenal. If you’re not sure which weapon to choose for each round, this guide will decipher Valorant’s top 5 best guns, and you can also stock up on Cheap Valorant Points to equip you with the gun you’re most comfortable with.

Vandal (Assault Rifle): The Gun Everyone Needs

Vandal is slightly slower than Phantom, but more lethal at all ranges. The Vandal has always been a popular choice for most players, it has high recoil and is difficult to control, but can be a one-shot shot at anyone at any range. With a 25-round magazine, about 3 to 4 rounds are guaranteed to kill an enemy.

Phantom (Assault Rifle): Fastest Gun

The Phantom is one of the fiercest guns of all uses, with a good balance of damage, accuracy, cost and rate of fire. It deals less damage than the Vandal, but offers better spray control and a slightly larger magazine. And it also comes with a muffler that provides similar advantages to the Ghost.

Operator (Sniper-Rifle): The Most Damaging and Expensive Gun

Operator has a very strong presence in the game because it forces the player to adapt and come up with ways to deal with it. During defensive rounds, Operator users have strong map awareness and can control bomb locations with one hand, preventing attackers from getting too close. And attackers definitely need multiple clouds of smoke and flashes to have a chance.

Spectre (SMG): Run And Gun At Its Finest

The Spectre ranks high among Valorant’s best guns, it’s affordable, and with 30 rounds, it beats most firearms at close-to-mid range. The Spectre has a fast rate of fire and good accuracy, which adds to its operational and artillery capabilities. But it does fall short against an assault rifle, especially in long-range encounters, as it can’t keep up with the damage and accuracy of the rifle.

Marshal (Sniper-Rifle): Affordable and Fast Operator

Marshal’s low cost combined with high damage and fire rate make it an attractive buy in eco rounds. In some cases, it will also be unexpectedly scopeless. In the right hand, the marshal can also win defensive rounds against the best weapons in Valorant. Marshal is a great option for highly mobile agents like Jett, Omen and Chambers.

These are the specific details about Valorant’s 5 best guns, if you want to pick a gun in the game that suits your play style, you can go to to buy enough Valorant Points Top Up to equip the gun.

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