Grounded: How to Get Black Ox Armor

Grounded: How to Get Black Ox Armor

Black Ox Armor is one of the toughest bugs you’ll encounter in Grounded. It’s so tough that it can destroy an entire party if you’re not careful. To get domineering bonuses in Grounded, players need Black Ox Armor. Domineering is a positive status effect in Grounded that gives charge attacks a chance to reduce the damage output of enemies. So this guide will introduce how players can get Black Ox Armor in Grounded, players can also prepare enough Grounded Game PC in Grounded.

Where to Find Black Ox Armor in Grounded

To find Black Ox Armor, players need to walk to the Upper House section of the backyard. You can reach this location by finding the Upper Yard Slope west of the pond in the center of the map. At this point you will need an explosive to break it down, you will only receive it if you find the fungal part in a more dangerous and gas-filled area. These places have a lot of infected insects dropping fungal parts. After you break through the rock and reach the upper house, your next destination is the shack directly north.

When you go to the hut, we recommend that you go west to where there is hay. The Black Ox Armor usually roams the area, and you can spot it by stomping around its territory. The bug looks huge and has life bars to support it. But you can’t deal with this creature alone, as it can hit you once and then knock you out quickly, especially if you don’t expect them to charge after you. After you defeat this opponent, you will be able to get some Tier 3 items like hammers, which will allow you to get more Tier 3 materials.

How to Get Black Ox Armor at Grounded

Needless to say, Black Ox Armor isn’t the only threat in the shed environment. Players will also encounter ladybug larvae, mosquitoes, orb weavers, and black ant variants in this biome. To beat Black Ox Armor in Grounded, players need to understand its weaknesses in order to cut through its incredibly thick exoskeleton. Since this tough insect is vulnerable to salt-enhanced weapons, the Salt Morning Star is undoubtedly the best option against this beetle.

Those without the Salt Morning Star are advised to use weapons that deal devastating damage, such as the Insect Hammer tool in Grounded. The purpose is for the insect to expose the weak point of its body, the gut area. Once defeated, Black Ox Armor can drop Black Horns, Black Bull Parts, and Hard Gum. These are the main materials for crafting Domineering Armor in Grounded. In addition, players must also obtain pupa skin from pupa skin, cotton rope from cotton, and dust mite fluff from dust mites. All of these resources can also be found around the shed where Black Ox Armor roams.

The above is the specific guide on how to get Black Ox Armor in Grounded. If you think this guide is helpful for you to get Black Ox Armor, welcome to to buy Grounded Game Steam at the best price.

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