Tower of Fantasy: How to Find and Defeat Inquisitor Crius

Tower of Fantasy: How to Find and Defeat Inquisitor Crius

There are many types of enemies in Tower of Fantasy, some of which are difficult to find. One of these enemies is Inquisitor Crius. While finding Inquisitor Crius is difficult, defeating him is easy and you will earn a new achievement. Finding and killing Inquisitor Crius is worth it for the reward. Here’s how to find and defeat Inquisitor Crius in Tower of Fantasy to complete the Crius achievement, players can purchase enough Tower of Fantasy Tanium in the game.

Where to find Inquisitor Crius

You can only find Inquisitor Crius in Warren Snowfield, and so far we’ve found him in two locations in Tower of Fantasy.

Location 1

The first location where you can definitely find Inquisitor Crius is north of Spacerift: Warren Snow Peak in Warren Snowfield. it’s in the enemy base; once you’re at the base, look for the container and you’ll find Inquisitor Crius on top of one of the containers.

Location 2

The second location is on the edge of Warrens Snowfield, north of Crown Mining. Enter the enemy stronghold and you will easily find Inquisitor Crius.

How to defeat Inquisitor Crius

Once you have found Inquisitor Crius, fighting him is easy, but you must keep a few things in mind.

First, he can move instantly, which is annoying. But other than that, he doesn’t have any devastating attacks that you need to be aware of.

In addition, Inquisitor Kreis has no weaknesses or resistances, so all weapons are equally effective against him. We recommend using the most devastating weapon you have to defeat him quickly.

Remember that Inquisitor Crius is in the enemy’s base, so there will be many other enemies that you need to be aware of. After you defeat Inquisitor Crius, you can go to the terminal option from the pause menu to collect the rewards for the Crius achievement.

Tower of Fantasy is filled with different types of enemies and boss fights. Each has its own unique attributes, fighting style and weaknesses. In some cases, the biggest challenge of boss battles is to find them in the vast world of Tower of Fantasy. This is a guide on how to find and defeat Inquisitor Crius in Tower of Fantasy. Players can prepare enough Tower of Fantasy Top Up in the game to help you find and defeat Inquisitor Crius in the game.

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