Minecraft: How To Get Ender Pearls

Minecraft: How To Get Ender Pearls

Ender Pearls are one of the most important items in Minecraft. players need Ender Pearls to craft the Eye of Mordor to activate the portal to the Mordor dimension. Ender Pearls are so rare that in addition to activating the Mordor portal, Ender Pearls are used for travel, creating teleporters, and generating Mordor mites. This guide will show players how to get Ender Pearls in Minecraft, and players will need to prepare enough Minecraft for Windows Game Coins for obtaining Ender Pearls.

How to get Ender Pearls in Minecraft

Ender Pearls are a relatively rare item that can be obtained by killing Mordecai minions, trading with expert cleric villagers, or bartering with piglins.

Killing Mordor minions

In Minecraft, killing Mordecai minions is the best way to obtain Ender Pearls. Mordecai have a 50% chance of dropping an Ender Pearls. players can obtain up to four Ender Pearls from a single Mordecai using the Looting Sword. mordecai can be found in all three dimensions of Minecraft. The world above is not the right place to find an Endbringer, as Endbringers are rare in this dimension. Mordings often spawn in the Twisted Forests of the Underworld. The best place to find Mordecai is their home, the Mordecai. After defeating the Mordecai, players can build Mordecai farms to quickly gain a large amount of Ender Pearls and experience points.

Trading with Expert Priest Villagers

Players can also obtain Ender Pearls in Minecraft by trading with priests. in Bedrock Edition, expert priests always have Ender Pearls to trade, while in Java Edition, expert priests have a 2/3 chance of having Ender Pearls to trade. They both trade one Ender Pearls for six emeralds. Players can lower the price by zombifying the priest and healing him with a Weakness Potion and Golden Apples. After healing, the priest will trade one Ender Pearls for one emerald. In a single trade, a priest can sell 12 end pearls before locking the trade.

Bartering with piglins

Last year’s Underworld update introduced piglins to Minecraft. piglins are creatures that inhabit various biomes in the Underworld and can be hostile to players in their line of sight unless the player is wearing a piece of golden armor. Players can give gold ingots to piglins, and in return they can offer many items, including Ender Pearls. when a pig spirit sees a gold ingot placed on the ground by a player, they will immediately chase it. After examining it for a moment, they will spit out one of 18 different items, and one of the items that can be used for gold is Ender Pearls. however, the chances of getting Ender Pearls are quite low, but trading gold with piglins is the fastest way to get Ender Pearls at the moment.

The above three methods are the best way to get Ender Pearls in Minecraft. If you want to have enough Hypixel Coins in Minecraft to trade with villagers and piglins, you can go to Z2U.com to buy them at the best price.

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