Elden Ring Dragon Tree Sentinel Boss Battle: How to Defeat the Dragon Tree Sentinel

Elden Ring Dragon Tree Sentinel Boss Battle: How to Defeat the Dragon Tree Sentinel

The Dragon Tree Sentinel is one of the many optional bosses that Elden Ring offers players to conquer, and defeating it requires more than a little skill. The Tree Sentinel is one of the most brutal enemies in The Lands Between. In order to fight against the dragon in battle, the Sentinel needs to become part of the dragon itself, and this is where the Dragon Uncle Sentinel comes in handy. So this guide will introduce players how to defeat Uncle Dragon Sentinel in Elden Ring, and players have the amount of Cheap Elden Ring Runes that can be well prepared in the game.

Increase lightning damage negation

One of the main differences between Uncle Dragon Sentinel and other variants you may have encountered before is its ability to deal lightning damage. It unlocks a series of lightning-based attacks in Phase 2 that are unavoidable, so players will need to improve lightning damage negation in this battle. boltdrake Talisman is a powerful amulet that you can find near the Limgrave Shrine Tower in Stormveil Castle. Players wearing this amulet can increase lightning damage negation and help players wash their hands of some of Uncle Dragon Sentinel’s lightning attacks. You can also use the Anti-Lightning Dry Liver consumable if you’ve found it, but you can’t actually craft this until much later.

Using status effects such as bleed or scarlet rot

Before entering combat, it is recommended that the player’s equip weapons or spells that can cause a bleed or rot status effect. Dragon Tree Sentinels have a lot of HP, so using these effects to your advantage is an easy way to chip away at their health. If you want to use Scarlet’s Rot, take a Dragon Heart to the Cathedral of the Dragon Sanctuary and purchase the Breath of Rot spell. This has a low attribute requirement of only 15 faith and 12 arcana, and will quickly apply the rot effect to this boss.

Melee Strategy

The melee strategy is the riskiest of all. Players can mount up and attack the boss with melee weapons to make it easier for you. Fighting the boss in the first phase without Torrent is manageable; however, in the second phase, the boss performs a large number of AOE moves and attacks that track well, making it difficult to dodge them all. The advantage of using a melee strategy is that the boss is relatively weak to burst attacks and strike attacks.

Use Torrent to dodge attacks and absorb damage

As you circle, you should be able to keep the boss on one side so it’s easy to just swing your weapon in succession. If you see the big claw rise into the air, do a little dash with Torrent to avoid damage, then go back and fight. The first stage isn’t very dangerous, so you should be able to keep this up until it reaches half health. In the second phase, a lot of powerful lightning attacks come into play. One of the AOE attacks brings a lightning beam and a move that sends a lightning wave across the field is particularly troublesome. Using Torrent’s dash may give you a better chance of escaping unscathed, but they will most likely still get hit.

Infuse your weapons with the toxic fog of war’s ashes

To increase the damage you deal, use his weakness to poison your melee weapons by coating them with a toxic mist. If you combine this with a Spirit Ash summon with a toxic attack, you will more easily weaken his health.

This is a specific guide on how to defeat the Dragon Tree Sentinel in Elden Ring. If you have other information you would like to know about Elden Ring please refer to Mmorpgm.com for more details.

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