How to Unlock and Craft Furniture Sets in Genshin Impact

How to Unlock and Craft Furniture Sets in Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact, players can build houses and decorate furniture in addition to fighting monsters. One of the features is the homeworld housing system, which is a place added since the 1.5 update that allows players to create their own separate worlds. And this feature is very useful, as long as the player keeps upgrading it will find all the uses the player can give it. So in this guide we will cover how to unlock and craft furniture sets in Protogod Impact, players can also purchase ample Genshin Impact Genesis Crystals in game to help craft furniture sets.

What is a Furniture Set

A home set is a group of decorations with the same look and feel, designed to allow players to design ideas without having to think too much about the interior and exterior, these sets are not available by default and players need to do something to access them. So the player must first have the furniture set blueprints, which are available from various instances in the game. You can obtain them even without using Serenitea Pot, but you can only use them within your domain.

Unlocking Furniture Sets in Genshin Impact

  1. The housing system is located in the Serenitea Pot in Genshin Impact as we know it. You can obtain this item by performing a quick quest in Li Moon.
  2. Once unlocked, you can access it through your inventory. This land allows you to build houses, buildings, stairs, and more.
  3. Once inside, you’ll find that you can upgrade. Part of the upgrade requires you to primarily craft furniture and place it on your Serenitea. This is where the Genshin Impact furniture sets come into play.
  4. To create a furniture set, the player must first unlock the required blueprints for it. There are several characters who will sell blueprints to players in exchange for Mora, the first of which can be found in Genshin Impact’s Mondstat.
  5. Next, visit Garden Park, located on the west side of the city, just south of the Knights of Favonius Mansion. Here, players can talk to the Goth, who will sell some blueprints.
  6. Another man, named Master Lu, has been spotted walking around the southernmost house in the village of Kiyotaku.
  7. In addition to these sources, players can unlock new blueprints by completing quests in the Adeptal Mirror available in their home world. Once the blueprint is in their inventory, all players need to do is select and use it to learn it.

Crafting Furniture Sets in Genshin Impact

  1. The crafting part is not too difficult. First, you will need the Genshin Impact furniture set blueprint. You will find NPCs selling them in Mondsdat and Qingze Village.
  2. Once you have the blueprints, you just need to go to the crafting menu and check the required materials. Usually, the most difficult thing to farm is wood. Each piece of furniture comes from a different region.
  3. According to this, you will have to get the right wood. You will find its details in the crafting menu.
  4. If all the materials are read, you just need to go to the menu, find the set you unlocked and click on Crafting.
  5. It is recommended that you save material furniture sets for Genshin Impact. This place is perfect for planting seeds that are used as character boosting materials.
  6. To create a specific furniture set, open the Placement screen as the player would normally place furniture and scroll to the Furniture Sets option. There, players can see all the sets they can craft and the furniture needed for each set. Once they have everything, click on the picture of the set and it will be created. Players can now place it anywhere they want in the original God Impact Home.

For now, as players, we are still waiting for some of the Sumerian-themed furniture and other items that may help us upgrade new and upcoming characters. And Genshin Impact will also offer some great rewards, players who want to learn more about Protokami Impact can subscribe to

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