Tower of Fantasy: Guide To Obtaining And Using The Bai Ling Phantom

Tower of Fantasy: Guide To Obtaining And Using The Bai Ling Phantom

Tower of Fantasy is a world for players to explore, and to combat this dangerous world, players can unlock weapons, most of which will bring exclusive Simulacra, such as Bai Ling. Bai Ling is equipped with the weapon Nightingale’s Feather, a bow that can recover dodge attempts after five shots or a single piercing shot. So this guide will introduce how to obtain and use the Bai Ling Phantom in Tower of Fantasy, and players can purchase an ample supply of Tower of Fantasy Tanium in order to acquire the character.

Bai Ling Introduction

Bai Ling in Tower of Fantasy is a skilled young woman who oversees the HT201 shelter in Bangis, mainly overseeing its daily operations and battle command. She is admired for her strength and determination, and is known to wield a fierce bow called the Nightingale’s Feather, which can inflict serious damage and provide solid weapon recharges. Rangers can snipe enemies from a distance while maintaining a safe distance from damage.

Nightingale’s Feather Introduction

The Nightingale’s Feather is a bow, making it one of the relatively few long-range weapons in the title. It is a physical attack with the Grievous modifier, and fully charging this weapon causes the target Grevious to take an additional 20% damage for 7 seconds. This would enhance the value of this bow in the early game, using it to fire at bosses, then switching to the elemental type and eliminating enemies at close range. Once Grevious is gone, step back and retrigger the status effect to maximize damage.

How to unlock Bai Ling Phantom in Tower of Fantasy

Currently Bai Ling in Tower of Fantasy is unlocked mainly by randomly pulling through special commands. Both standard and restricted banners can have Bai Ling as an SR unit, but chances are slim, so she will also need to compete with other SR characters in the list.

Players can also get a random weapon box from the Purple Code Box, a box that has a chance to drop any SR or SSR weapon from the standard banner. Another source of SR weapons is World Boss, which also functions similarly to the Random Cipher Box, meaning the chances of getting an SR or SSR from a battle are slim.

Advancement of Bai Ling in Tower of Fantasy

Players can advance Tower of Fantasy weapons by using the appropriate fusion cores, which can be obtained by collecting multiple copies of the character. After the player gets the first copy of Bai Ling and her Nightingale Feather, the player can then purchase another copy for 35 black gold at the Commissary’s weapon store, or, the player can pull the banner to get a copy of Bai Ling. Unlock special rewards by spending fusion cores and gold to upgrade players’ weapons.

Upgrade Materials for Tower of FantasyBai Ling

Cores, acid-resistant glazes and nanofiber frames are required to upgrade Bai Ling. Players can obtain boxes containing Acid Resistant Glaze and Nanofiber Frame as rewards from Dimensional Trials, Interstellar Exploration, Omnium Beacon and the Weapon Shop. You can find Magic Cores when you are out exploring or using the Elemental Ore Box.

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