PUBG Battlegrounds Guide: How To Play Bots

PUBG Battlegrounds Guide: How To Play Bots

PUBG is the famous battle royale game, and if players want to practice playing any version of PUBG without stress, the easiest way is to bring bots to the lobby. fighting PUBG: Battlegrounds’ bots are a great way for players to improve their skills, and this guide will show players how to play bots in PUBG Battlegrounds. Players can also prepare ample Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds PC for Sale in the game.

PUBG Overview

PUBG is the game that introduced most people to the battle royale genre and promoted it to the point where other companies started creating their own BR games with new gameplay features and established a trend among PC, console and mobile gamers. Also the developers of PUBG have added many quality of life features to the game in order to make it fun and easy to play, which can familiarize new players with the game’s mechanics and new tactics to outsmart their opponents.

How to Identify Bots

PUBG: Battlegrounds is one of the oldest battle royale games on the market and while the bots in PUBG: Battlegrounds are useful for honing players’ skills, they still behave differently from any player and can therefore be identified by the following behaviors.

Fatal Curiosity:Bots will always rush towards any loud sound, such as gunshots, glass breaking and car horns.

Strange Usernames:Players have strange names, but bots always have an underscore somewhere in their name.

Lone Wolves:Robots always travel alone, rarely with their teammates.

Heavy:Surprisingly, bot jumps are rare.

Plain Strange:After being hit, bots will freeze for a second before running for cover.

Bloodthirsty:If the player is hiding in cover, the bot will start pushing to flush them out after a few seconds.

No License: Robots never use vehicles. If the player hears or sees a vehicle moving, it must be driven by the player.

Casual Mode

PUBG: Battlegrounds offers three casual games each day, and players can use them to easily find games guaranteed to have 12 or fewer real players, with the rest of the slots filled by bots.

However, players need to be aware of a few caveats in the case of casual games.

There is no level limit for players to join casual games, and it is possible that enemy players will have very high levels.

Casual games are always played on as large a map as possible.

Casual games are played from a third-person perspective.

Players can play with friends in casual matches, and likewise, enemy players can join squad mode.

Casual matches are best played during off-peak hours so as to minimize the number of truly hostile players.

At the beginning of the game, the robots will not dive sharply, but will take time to land. In motion, they will be stiff and also move suddenly. But they don’t turn and go quickly in the direction they want to go, and they don’t drive and climb windows. But robots do run, sprint, jump, crouch, lie prone or duck, and you can see them standing still. With the right cover, such as a wall, tree or rock, they can be very effective at covering the direction of fire.

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