How To Do AFK Farming In Tower Of Fantasy

How To Do AFK Farming In Tower Of Fantasy

As a gacha RPG, there are many items in the game that can be crafted, but crafting items requires additional materials; while the Tower of Fantasy offers engaging exploration and combat, sometimes wanderers may prefer AKF farms for their character development or resource acquisition aspect. So, in this guide, we’ll show you how to do AFK farming in the Tower of Fantasy, you can also buy enough Tower of Fantasy Tanium for better AFK farming.

What is AKF farming in Tower of Fantasy

To farm AKF for the mount section in Tower of Fantasy, the wanderer must have a friend who has a specific SSR weapon in his arsenal.

The AKF farming worth in Tower of Fantasy is exploitative passive using SSR unit zero. This secondary character wields a weapon known as the Negating Cube, a fire-type weapon with a passive that spawns burning, damage-inducing cubes. These fiery cubes appear when the wanderer hits an enemy six times with a basic attack. This passive can trigger up to five times, which means that a zero user can have five passive DPS sources that revolve around their body.

In other words, a player with zero can potentially deal infinite damage by spawning five cubes and standing near enemies. While this AKF farming method can be used to grow honey or maintain components, the main items most players grind are ultra-rare vehicle parts.

How to Use Zero-Sum Cubes for AKF Farming in Tower of Fantasy

Players can activate Zero Illusions or just use their character-related weapons and their own profile picture. Either way, the most important part of the game’s strategy is using his weapon, the Negative Cube. Negative Cubes will generate a set of spheres that float around the game character after dealing damage to enemies, which can then damage enemies on contact.

If the player is standing near an enemy, not moving or attacking, but as long as the enemy is close enough to the player, they will take damage from the floating orb. And the enemies in the Tower of Fantasy are refreshed regularly. As long as the player logs in, the enemies die, and the dropped items and experience obtained by killing them will be owned by the player.

Since the game uses a scaling system for monsters, this can be a challenge for some low-level players. The scaling system means that no matter where the player is on the map, the enemy level is close to the player’s character level. If the player’s character is currently at level 40, the enemy will be at level 41 or 42. There will also be enemies that are higher and more dangerous than the player’s character level on the map. The advantage is that the higher the level of the enemy, the more experience and drop items the player will gain by defeating the enemy.

The above is a specific guide on how to perform AFK farming in the Tower of Fantasy. I hope you can effectively perform AKF farming in the Tower of Fantasy after reading this guide to defeat the enemy and gain experience. For more fantasy tower guides you can subscribe to for more details.

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