Minecraft: How to Turn a Piglin Into a Zombie Piglin

Minecraft: How to Turn a Piglin Into a Zombie Piglin

Piglins are creatures that players encounter when exploring the Nether in Minecraft. There are always scary beasts in this hellish world. If you have enough Minecraft for Windows Game Coins, piglins will at least be friendly to you. But if you have bad intentions on them and want to experiment with them, piglins will turn into zombified piglin forms, which are primitive iterations of these creatures. This article will show players how to turn piglins into zombie piglins in Minecraft.

In Minecraft Java Edition and Bedrock Edition, the primary way to turn a piglin into a zombified piglin is to lure it into the End or Overworld. Zombified piglins are native mobs in the Nether, but players need a portal to return to the Overworld, turning ordinary piglins into undead. Piglins can be found in bastion ruins or in the Crimson Forest.

To do this, you need to provoke the piglin, make it hostile to you, and make it follow you. You can attack it once, steal a gold ingot, or not wear any gold armor. When you follow you, you can run to your nether portal to lure piglins into and teleport to the overworld.

Alternatively, bring it close to the portal before hitting it into the area with a fist or knockback sword. After doing so, it freezes in one place for a while, then shivers slightly and turns into a zombified piglin. You can do this with regular piglins, beasts or even piglins.

Unlike normal zombies, zombified piglins do not burn in the sun. They are also immune to fire and lava. If you want to prevent it from disappearing, throw it an armor or sword made of a better material than gold. These creatures are passive until attacked.

While this does not involve piglins, players can also turn normal piglins into zombie form, and players have four options to do this:

1. Wait until the stormy weather and wish yourself good luck. Although it is unlikely that lightning will hit the pig, it is still possible. If you’re running Minecraft PC, you can easily create lightning bolts using game commands. Stand next to the pig and summon lightning by entering the following game command: /summon Lightning Bolt.

2. Place a lightning rod made of three copper ingots near the pig, during a storm, it will redirect the lightning to the rod. When lightning strikes, it can start a fire. Keep valuables safe to avoid fire.

3. It is worth noting that players can enter /summon lighting_bolt (x,y,z) in the game. Make sure to add specific coordinates or lightning will hit you.

4. Use a trident with channel magic and hit the pig with it.

The above is how to turn a piglin into a zombified piglin in Minecraft. If you have successfully turned a piglin into a zombified piglin after reading this guide, please give us a motivation to support and subscribe to our blog Mmorpgm. com, we will continue to update more guides about Minecraft.

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