PSO2 New Genesis: How To Get Alpha Reactor And What To Use It For

PSO2 New Genesis: How To Get Alpha Reactor And What To Use It For

In Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis (PSO2), players need to go out and find various items to advance the story. One of these elusive items across all six PSO2 classes is the Alpha Reactor, and it’s a must-have for upgrading vital items and increasing combat effectiveness in PSO2. Players can prepare plenty of PSO2 New Genesis Meseta in the game to help upgrade items and improve combat effectiveness.

What is an Alpha Reactor in PSO2?

The Alpha Reactor is a necessary component in PSO2 to ensure that weapons, armor or other objects are at the highest level. Its main purpose is to upgrade weapons, enhancing the combat effectiveness of items, which players can upgrade in the item counter located opposite the occupation counter. In addition, Alpha reactors are also an important source of income in the game. About 14 of them are generated in random locations every day, so players can use most of them to sell for cash. In today’s MMORPG, players need to farm it for income, otherwise it will be difficult to obtain.

Where can players get Alpha Reactors?

Although the Alpha reactor is difficult to track because it moves around every day. However, some players who are willing to invest their time in finding materials are happy to find the Alpha reactor, including Twitter user and PSO2 player Rappy Burst. They take time out each day to list the locations of the Alpha reactors they found, which spawn at the same location every day, making it easy for players to use this map to find randomly generated Alpha reactors in the game. Since the Alpha Reactor regenerates every day at a brand new location, some Twitter users will be willing to help you and help you keep track of these items without wasting time, just make sure to check that the date on the tweet is the same as the one on the map, You can find the location where the current Alpha reactor is spawned.

Other Ways to Make Money in PSO2

In PSO2, in addition to finding Alpha Reactors to help you upgrade weapons and earn money, there are other items and quests that can help you earn money, both for novice players and experienced players, such as completing daily and weekly quests, collecting red boxes or Grind in the combat zone. Although Alpha reactors can make a lot of Meseta per hour, especially when players can take them to all spawn locations based on new maps every day. But most importantly, these additional methods mentioned above also ensure that PSO2 players do not run out of money in the game.

The above is the way to get the Alpha Reactor in PSO2 and its use. If players want to upgrade their weapons faster in the game to improve their skills, they can also follow our blog for more game guides in PSO2.

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