Destiny 2 Corsair Down Guide: Track Down Fallen Soldier in the Dreaming City

Destiny 2 Corsair Down Guide: Track Down Fallen Soldier in the Dreaming City

The Dreaming City in Destiny 2 has dozens of secrets for the guardians to uncover, with the launch of Destiny 2 Forsaken, new items are introduced into the game, one of the tasks that the Dreaming City needs to be decrypted is Corsair Down, Destiny 2 Corsair Down is one of the random items in the game. So this article will introduce a complete guide to Destiny 2 Corsair Down, players can buy a lot of Destiny 2 Silver in the game to get Corsair Down.

What is Corsair Down in Destiny 2

Corsair Down is a unique quest in Destiny 2 obtained by defeating Scorn in the Dreaming City. However, this quest has a low drop rate and requires players to complete multiple public events or blind wells to get a single drop. If you participate in the Devalia Mist public event, you will definitely get this item, and this item has a random drop rate. The main function of this project is to track dead soldiers. Once you defeat them, they will all drop a pirate badge, and at the end of the mission, these dropped badges will turn into NPCs in Dream City for the mission reward.

Where to find every Corsair Down body

In Destiny 2: Corsair Down Quest, players must find 5 corpses in 6 locations in the Dreaming City, here are the locations of all the corpses in the Dreaming City.

Spine in Keres position

next to a boulder on the shore

on the edge of a cliff near the coast

Look straight at the edge of the cliff and jump from Corpse #2

next to a pile of rocks on the dirt road leading to the coastline

A small boulder next to the rocky path turning left from Corpse #4

Drowning wish bay location

Near the boulder outside the cave

Leftmost boulder rising from the fog after the first spawned abomination

Under the boulder to the right of corpse #2

Down the rock wall to the right of the cave entrance, near a pair of rusted machinist shells

Before the boss cave, turn left until you reach the isolated boulder in the mist

Ashira Gardens Location

Go down to the bottom of the first staircase in the garden, it leans against the wall opposite a tree

North of Corpse #1, resting against a wall and bench

On the west side of the garden, near the circular platform

North of the path near Corpse #3, near the Awakened Statue

Next to the stairs to the right of the portal in Harbinger’s Seclude

Pioneer’s Hideout

Lie directly on the ground in front of you when entering

Near the pillar in front of the Cryptolith door

In the Crytoplith room, to the left of the entrance, next to some rocks in a shallow body of water

Next to the north outer wall of the Awakening Building

Go straight down the elevator shaft in the next room, near a pillar

Star room location

Behind a piece of red grass on the boulder in the center of the first room

Follow the path to the next room and jump on the ledge where the captured Thrall fell

Directly to the right of corpse #2, go straight

In the corner of the cave, farther from the body #3

On the right side of the Lost Sector Chest, towards the Locked Gate of Dreams

Aphelion resting place

In the middle between the entrance and the first set of Taken Thralls, near a boulder

The first room with grass, near the Dreaming City statue on the right wall

Along the ledge of the Dreaming City statue on the left

In a dimly lit area of the cave, to the left of the Lost Zone chest

Climb up the ledge behind the Lost Sector chest

I hope you can successfully complete the Corsair Down quest through this guide, see for more quests in Destiny 2.

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