Tower of Fantasy: How to Get Weapon Batteries

Tower of Fantasy: How to Get Weapon Batteries

As one of the upgrade materials for the Tower of Fantasy, the weapon battery is very important for the upgrade of the weapon. Each weapon has unique moves and skills, so collecting a variety of rare weapons to upgrade them is a key progression aspect of the game. Upgrading weapons grants additional attack damage and health, so players can use weapon batteries to upgrade weapons in the game. This guide will explain how to obtain weapon batteries in the Tower of Fantasy below. Players can also purchase sufficient Tower of Fantasy Tanium to obtain weapon batteries.

What is the weapon battery in the Tower of Fantasy

Weapon batteries are a must-have resource in the game and are part of the update material. Weapons can be upgraded using weapon batteries, which are usually rewarded from bounty missions or promo codes, or can be purchased directly from the weapon store. Once a weapon is fully upgraded, you can “enhance” the weapon and upgrade it to the level cap, which requires rarer materials.

How to get the weapon battery in the Tower of Fantasy

Weapon Batteries are items used to enhance your weapons in Fantasy Tower, and they come in four rarities: Normal, Uncommon, Rare, and Super Rare. The higher the rarity, the more experience points you gain when enhancing your weapon. Below are all the weapon batteries you can collect in Tower of Fantasy.

Weapon Battery I (Normal): The blue lockbox can be found in the world, rewarded by the Omnium Beacon. It will take at least one day to receive.

Weapon Battery II (Rare): Obtain these weapons primarily from the Standard Banner Gacha. For every 10 standard banner pulls, you might get about 5 or 6. You can also get them from Mia’s Kitchen Rewards, Points Store, opening purple lockboxes, and choosing adventure activities.

Weapon Batteries III (Rare): You can only get these batteries from three places: a bounty quest reward, a weapon shop for 2 black gold, or a duplicate blue weapon from the standard banner gacha.

Weapon Battery IV (Super Rare): Unfortunately, there is no consistent way to obtain this level of weapon battery. They are rarely granted and do not have a specific source.

How to Use Weapon Batteries in Tower of Fantasy

The main purpose of the weapon battery is to improve your weapon and give your weapon extra experience. To use the weapon battery just go to the Weapons section in the menu, select the weapon you want, and click Upgrade. There you can choose which weapon battery you want to use to upgrade your weapon.

The above is a specific guide to get weapon batteries in Tower of Fantasy, if you have a better way to upgrade your weapons or get weapon batteries in the game, welcome to subscribe to our blog, communicate with us below our article .

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