Minecraft Chorus Fruit: How To Grow It And What It’s Used For

Minecraft Chorus Fruit: How To Grow It And What It’s Used For

Chorus Fruit is the most unique food in Minecraft that can be eaten or cooked and can only grow naturally in the end dimension of the Chorus tree. The plant is purple and can grow very tall and has a wide range of uses, so this article aims to show players how to grow Chorus Fruit in Minecraft and what it can be used for, and to prepare them for growing and using Chorus Fruit in the game with plenty of Minecraft for Windows Game Coins.

How to grow Chorus Fruit in Minecraft

Chorus Fruit has a 50% chance of dropping when a Chorus plant is destroyed. This means that in order to grow Chorus Fruit, the player is actually growing Chorus plants as well. And the player also needs to have Chorus Flowers and End Stones. Chorus Flowers are cubes, purple and white squares that spawn as part of the Chorus Plant on the end island. When the player destroys a flower, the flower itself drops. Tapping the base of a Chorus plant will cause the whole plant to collapse, but in doing so the Chorus Flowers above will not survive. This means that the player must climb up and harvest these flowers directly. Now, players can simply grow Chorus Flowers on the End Stone and in any dimension, they don’t need water or light to help them grow.

Uses of Chorus Fruit in Minecraft

1. Hunger saturation and bar

Chorus Fruit is a great food to eat and store in your inventory in Minecraft. It restores 4 hunger points and 2.4 life points to the player, although it is not very useful, it can be used to restore saturation by eating a full meal, which can sometimes be useful in a pinch.

2. Teleportation

Chorus Fruit is the only food in Minecraft that allows the player to teleport, and it can teleport the player anywhere within an 8 square radius. However, the teleportation is random and is not where the player wishes to go. These items can be used as a quick means of transportation if the player is trying to avoid mob attacks or hide from creepers. It is possible for these items to teleport the player closer to the creeper, but this is a risk they must take.

3. Gardening and decorative items

Chorus Fruit, because it has a rare purple colour of its own, can be a beautiful decorative item for the player to carry around. It also grows in a random and unique direction, so it can also add a unique decoration to an ordinary house.

4. Sheathwing landing

Many Minecraft players who use sheath wings are looking for new tips and tricks to help them fly around. When players eat purple ode fruits with sheath wings, they teleport to the ground no matter how far they fly. This is a great technique that can be used to land safely and immediately. It is also a great way to lose other players who may be following their sheath wings.

5. Bursting Chorus Fruit

Players can also melt Purple Chorus Fruit in the furnace to obtain Burst Purple Chorus Fruit. Unlike the regular Purple Chorus Fruit, the Popped Purple Chorus Fruit is not edible. Instead, the popped purple chorus fruit can be used to craft other important and rare items in Minecraft.

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