Genshin Impact: All Shrine Of Depths Locations In Mondstadt And How To Get And Use  Temple Keys

Genshin Impact: All Shrine Of Depths Locations In Mondstadt And How To Get And Use  Temple Keys

Are you looking for the location of the Shrine of Depths in Genshin Impact? The Deep Sea Temple in Genshin Impact is an ancient building sealed by a barrier, and a special key is required to unlock it. Opening the Abyssal Temple will give your Genshin Impact character a great way to get the best weapons and upgrade materials. Before opening the Shrine of Depths, players need to ensure that they have a key to open the temple, so this article aims to tell players all the locations of the Shrine of Depthss in Monstadt and how to get and use the keys of the Shrine of Depths in Monstadt, players also Need to prepare enough Genshin Impact Top Up in the game.

All Mondstadt Shrine of Depths locations in Genshin Impact

  1. Head north from the nearby teleportation point and look down from the edge of the cliff to see the shrine.
  2. Go west from the direction of the Anemo Hypostasis Arena. You should see the Temple of the Abyss slightly uphill.
  3. Go to the teleportation point on the beach, then head south up the rock. You will see the Shrine of Depths right in front of you.
  4. Head to the Cecilia Gardens field and head south to climb the rocks. The Shrine of Depths is just behind the woods.
  5. Quickly head to the nearby Seven Gods, then walk in the direction of Mondstadt until you reach the edge of the cliff. Looking down at the shrine.
  6. East of the town of Springville, in front of the rock formations. Climb the cliff to find it.
  7. Quickly head to a nearby teleportation point, then take a few steps northeast. You will see the Temple of the Abyss at the top of a nearby cliff.
  8. Go to the Temple of Lionland and climb up the rock next to the door. You’ll see the Shrine of Depths further afield.
  9. Start climbing the cliffs in the direction of Dadopa Gorge. You will see a cliff that is higher than the others; you can find the shrine at the top.
  10. There are no waypoints nearby; you will have to walk in the direction of Dawn Winery or Shimen. Go to the higher plateau and you will find the Temple of the Abyss.

How to get the Mondstadt Shrine of Depths Keys in Genshin Impact

Get the Statue of Seven to Lvl 6

The Mondstadt Shrine of Depths key can be used as a reward for raising your Seven Gods to level 6. To do this, you must collect Anemoculus and turn it into a statue.

Get World Quest Rewards

By completing certain world quests, you may be able to obtain the key to the Abyssal Temple. Be sure to prioritize clearing missions that give such rewards.

Clear Temple

You can also get some of these keys as a reward from certain temples in the area. Liyue’s temple will reward different keys, so be careful.

How to use the Shrine of Depths Key

Stand in front of the shrine and open it

Using the key is simple: stand in front of the shrine you want to enter and select the “Confirm” button. This way you will be able to enter the temple and get its treasure chest.

Chests will not reset or respawn

Once you use the key to open the treasure chest inside the temple, it will not respawn again. Since you can only get these chests once, be sure to handle the contents with care.

Above are all the Shrine of Depths locations in Mondstadt in Genshin Impact and how to get and use the temple keys. For more Genshin Impact information, you can follow the blog, and will continue to update more game guides and news in the future.

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