Guides And Tips For Playing Land Grab In Halo Infinite

Guides And Tips For Playing Land Grab In Halo Infinite

Land Grab in Halo Infinite is a new game mode where completing the challenges associated with this mission will unlock various rewards in the Fracture: Entrenched campaign. Some players who have entered Land Grab will find that the game mode has many similarities to King of the Hill, so in this article we’ll cover some tips on Land Grab, and players will also purchase enough Halo Infinite Credits to ensure they are best prepared to play Land Grab in the game.

Understanding the difference between Land Grab and Stronghold, where area capture is more beneficial than killing

By now players are used to a game mode like Fortress, where the goal is to control and maintain three different control points on the map at the same time. In a land grab, once a player captures a control point, that control point is locked for the round and your team gains a point.

Therefore players have to coordinate with their team thus splitting, capturing and controlling different control points on other map areas, this method is different from a fortress where one team can keep the last area to prevent the other team from scoring. And the more Spartans that occupy the site, the faster the capture will be. If the team does not capture the area, capture progress reverts from slow to neutral zero.

It is common in the game to instinctively hunt down enemy Spartans and clear out enemy teams, but the key in land grabs is not killing but capturing. Even if a player manages to kill a Spartan, they will miss out on gaining points by losing the area. So prioritising area control when playing land grabs will increase the chances of winning. Restoring enemy capture progress is also faster than taking positions yourself, so sometimes entering an enemy’s area to cancel their capture progress is a viable option, but at the same time you could be facing death.

The choice between power weapons and captures

All first round capture points in Halo Infinite’s Land Grab are guaranteed to be in the same location, so some players prefer to rush to their target at the start of the match and start capturing. Other players temporarily ignore the goal of competing for power weapons on the map, while others do the opposite. A match can lead to the acquisition of a power weapon, which allows for an immediate counterattack on a different area and allows a team to gain points if they still have a power weapon. On the other hand, if no one is fighting over the initial area, then a team can play a land grab game from a favourable position, while those teams eager to grab a power weapon will easily allow the opposing team to gain up to 3 points.

Coordinating strategy in Halo Infinite’s land grab

Coordinating attack and capture attempts makes it easier to win in Halo Infinite and can help build up points quickly. In most areas, two players facing opposite directions can cover any entrance points where enemies may appear. In addition, the speed of area capture increases when more teammates are standing in a given area, so players should always keep their distance from at least one teammate. Although controlling the area should be the focus, a coordinated team can use one or two players depending on skill level to engage enemy Spartans, keeping them occupied while others are occupied. After playing a few games, players should be familiar with the map and understand where areas can be generated.

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