Diablo Immortal: How to Find and Defeat the Blood Rose

Diablo Immortal: How to Find and Defeat the Blood Rose

The Blood Rose is just one of Diablo’s world bosses sent to stop you from cleaning the Sanctuary Realm, the source of corruption in the Dark Forest. This floral monster collects the blood spilled from the forest and feeds it to the countess. The immortal heroes of Diablo must fight against the Blood Rose in the Dark Forest’s eighth mission, “Blood Resurrection,” so this guide will guide players on how to find and defeat the Blood Rose in Diablo. Players can prepare plenty of Diablo Immortal Platinum to advance missions in the game.

What Is a Blood Rose

The Blood Rose is a world boss located in the Dark Forest, the second largest area of ​​the Dark Immortal. The Blood Rose is located in the Stinky Swamp area – enter the small dungeon southwest of the Blood Rose teleportation point. This dangerous world boss has three stages and it’s easy to get yourself killed if you’re not careful. Blood Rose is recommended for adventurers above level 49, with a blood volume of 7.4~million. It may take more than an hour to fight alone, and players can bring a few more friends to speed up the fighting time.

How to Find the Blood Rose in Diablo Immortal

After the player passes the bloody ruins in the dark forest, the encounter can begin. A path will appear on the west side of the map, leading adventurers to the blood rose’s lair. The Blood Rose, as the rebirth weapon, is responsible for corrupting the dark forest with plague, and the player is responsible for killing it as part of the “Blood Resurrection” main quest. Specifically, players battle Blood Roses in the Blood Resurrection questline. On the other hand, the player can also fight it as a world boss, but it is harder to fight than when the player encounters it in the main quest.

How to Beat the Blood Rose in Diablo Immortal

As with any world boss, players can fight on their own, but they have to be prepared. Equip a move/dodge/defense skill before attempting to fight the Blood Rose. Anything that will get you out of the red danger zone quickly. This is absolutely necessary for the later stages of this fight.

In Phase 1, stand on the grass to the left of the boss. You are largely immune to it here. It sweeps a red beam and summons spikes from the ground as the flower fires a projectile. If you’re a remote adventurer, none of them can hit you here.

During Phase 2, the Blood Rose will attack a random character, keep moving to avoid it, and summon minions to assist. Nothing tricky here.

In phase 3, it will launch an AOE attack that drains health back to the boss. It can fully heal itself if you don’t dodge it, make sure all teammates are aware of the AOE health siphon and are ready to dodge it.

In fact, as long as the player is doing AOE vampire attacks by dodging distance, staying to the left to avoid their beams and constantly releasing ultimate abilities to drain their health, all you can do is try to avoid fighting them.

The above is the strategy of how to find and defeat the Blood Rose in Diablo. I hope players can easily defeat the Blood Rose after reading this guide. For more game strategies, please pay attention to the blog mmorpgm.com, we will keep updating.

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