The Five Game Modes Halo Infinite Should Have

The Five Game Modes Halo Infinite Should Have

Halo Infinite is a shooter that is slowly adding new game modes to its roster, with some much-needed additions recently updated, but players are looking forward to the release of some other classic modes. This article therefore looks at the five game modes that players should expect to see in Halo Infinite, and they can be experienced early on in Halo Infinite with the purchase of plenty of Halo Infinite Credits.


Halo 5: Guardians introduces a unique and much-loved game mode: Warzone, which pits teams of 12 Spartans against each other in a battle to capture a base and destroy the core of the enemy’s base. Matches are played on a larger, larger team battle map and add a twist by including AI-controlled covenant and Promethean enemies. This game mode is unlike any other Halo multiplayer mode as it is more of an adversarial campaign containing both PvP and PvE elements. It was a nice change of pace from the usual multiplayer and remains popular to this day.


Firefight was originally introduced in Halo 3 : ODST, the only multiplayer mode dedicated to the title. It was a fully co-operative game mode, with teams of four players fighting hordes of enemies that became increasingly difficult and plentiful. firefight made a comeback in terms of reaching Halo, but it has since disappeared. firefight’s appeal lay in its focus on an arcade-style scoring system and the limits of redeployment.


Halo Reach introduces an invasion game mode with massive objective based battles that unlock more maps as the game progresses. Two teams play against each other, one attacking and trying to take over objectives, while the other aims to fend them off. the main attraction of Invasion is the scale of the matches. As the game progresses, more items and vehicles are created, thus providing the team with more mobility and firepower.


Infection begins with the unofficial “zombie” mode in Halo 2’s custom games. The game pits a team of humans against a zombie player who wields a power sword and has increased agility but poor health. The goal of the human team is to survive, while the wounded must destroy all human players. As the infected wipe out more human players, they too become infected and begin to stalk their former teammates. This game mode has always been popular and has become a regular game mode in almost every game since Halo 2.

Team Doubles

In Halo multiplayer, Team Doubles departs from the traditional two-team system. For the first time, Team Doubles is introduced in the chaotic mix of classic multiplayer modes. The aim of Team Doubles is to require a team to work together against the constant threat of three enemy teams. It is therefore necessary for the team to succeed, which is why Team Doubles is considered to be one of the most competitive and engaging multiplayer modes in Halo.

These are the five game modes that players expect should be available in Halo Infinite. If you have a better recommendation for a game mode, feel free to discuss it with us below in the comments and you can also subscribe to for the latest game guide updates.

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