Best Engravings for the Lost Ark: How to Get and Use Engraving and Ability Stones

Best Engravings for the Lost Ark: How to Get and Use Engraving and Ability Stones

As a loyal Lost Ark fan, are you looking for the Lost Ark carving and ability stone guide. Here we’ll walk you through how to obtain and use Engraving and Ability Stones in Lost Ark to help your character get the best possible engraving. Players can purchase the Cheap Lost Ark Gold to help get the best carvings and ability stones to upgrade in-game gear.

What is the engraving of the Lost Ark

Sculpting is just one of many ways to improve your character’s performance, and sculpting is a passive ability that affects various stats, such as skill cooldowns and damage. You can view the status of the current sculpt in the Sculpting tab of your character profile.

You can see their effect by hovering over the engravings on this page. Each sculpt has three levels, and you need to unlock five “nodes” for each level. This means that if you’ve upgraded a sculpt, but you haven’t reached the fifth node, the effect isn’t active yet. Getting to this point requires a lot of sculpting upgrades, so it’s perfectly normal to have a lack of active sculpts until level 50.

How to get the best Lost Ark engraving

There are three ways to increase the engraving level:

Sculpting Recipes: Quest rewards (especially island quests), dungeon drops, and raid drops all receive engraving recipes. While most engraving recipe chests allow you to choose the engraving of your choice, some are based on chance.

Ability Stones: These are earned from quests and events, and can only contain combat carving rewards (no class-specific rewards). You will need to facet a Skill Stone at the Skill Stone Cutter’s site before you can use it.

Equipment: Once you arrive at Fern Castle, you will be able to obtain jewels with engraved effects.

  1. Just follow the story missions and you can get your first few sculpting recipes.
  2. After reaching Lutra Castle, pick up the purple adventure quest called “Attempt to Carve” to get 20 rare carvings as a quest reward.
  3. When using the sculpting recipe, make sure to click on the correct layer.
  4. You need 20 rare engraving recipes to reach the third node, then switch to rare engraving recipes.
  5. Hover over the engraving you want to upgrade to see the recipe level it requires.

How to get the engraving of the power stone

Another way to obtain engravings is through ability stones. They are earned from quests and events, and can only contain combat engravings, not class-specific engravings. Each ability stone will give you two engravings and a negative to balance things out. So before equipping Skill Stones, you must facet them.

  1. To do this, visit any capable Stonecutters supplier in a major city, which has an inverted diamond icon.
  2. Insert a stone and click the facet on each engraving until all three effects are fully faceted.
  3. Every time you click a button, you have the opportunity to add (or fail to add) a node for the engraving effect on the stone.
  4. Your goal is to get a stone that activates the desired engraving and uses as few nodes as possible on the negatives.

That’s all for a guide on how to get the best carving and ability stones in the Lost Ark. If you’re ready to level up more characters, welcome to the blog for some gameplay guides.

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