Minecraft: How to Grow Emeralds – Five Best Ways to Grow Emeralds

Minecraft: How to Grow Emeralds – Five Best Ways to Grow Emeralds

Emeralds are the most popular currency in Minecraft. Nonetheless, these emeralds can only be tracked down in mountain biomes, and even only generate in one vein at a time. Since emeralds are inseparable from villagers’ trade, active players have found ways to grow emeralds. Here we will introduce the specific planting method, and players can prepare enough Minecraft for Windows Game Coins for emergencies.

1. Trade with villagers

One of the main sources of jade is trading with villagers, which is the best way. To obtain emeralds, players must complete a series of transactions with local villagers. Emeralds are commonly traded at Armorers, Toolsmiths, and Weaponsmiths. They all agreed to exchange 15 coal for an emerald, which was one of the most favorable deals. If the player enters the village with these three villagers, they can complete 16 trades for each villager. What cannot be ignored is whether the villagers will restock during the day, and can restock up to two times. Finally make sure to check with villagers regularly to refresh their inventory.

2. Looting buried treasure chests

There is a very good chance that buried treasure chests may contain emeralds, to find buried treasure chests, players must dive into underwater wrecks, loot their treasure chests, and find a treasure map detailing the chest’s location. Desert temples, village chests, underwater ruins, jungle temples, igloos, and end cities can also contain emeralds, but they may be rare.

3. Create a sugar cane farm

Creating a large sugar cane farm allows players to collect sugar cane regularly. Once the player has a large sugar cane farm, they need to find the librarian villager to trade. Librarian villagers will sell an emerald for 35 sheets of paper. Due to the size of the sugar cane farm, you can quickly trade stacks of paper with librarian villagers for a lot of emeralds.

4. Operation Raid Farm

Raid farms include pillager towers, raids, vast oceans, lots of chests, and lots of redstone that can help players grow other materials like redstone and totems. This raid farm gets special items by using raiders in raids. Each raider drops totems, emeralds, and other valuables when killed. While this method is highly rewarding, it requires a lot of preparation.

5. Trade with weaponsmith villagers

Weaponsmith is another great Minecraft villager that can be used to start an Emerald Farm. Weaponsmith villagers need coal, flint, and iron, and are willing to trade emeralds for them. 1 emerald is equivalent to 15 coal, 24 flint and 6 iron ingots. These villagers also trade weapons with the player. Iron farms are relatively easy to craft in Minecraft and usually involve some kind of iron golem that drops iron at a very high rate.

These are the best ways to grow emeralds in Minecraft, if you find it helpful, give it a try in the game. You can also subscribe to our blog, mmorpgm.com, for more information on Minecraft as we keep updating.

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