Diablo Immortal Hidden Lairs Guide: Where to Find Hidden Lairs and How to Find Them

Diablo Immortal Hidden Lairs Guide: Where to Find Hidden Lairs and How to Find Them

Diablo Immortal has some mini dungeons called hidden dens, players can encounter these dungeons as they level up their characters through the main campaign, and completing a hidden den will reward the player with ordinary gems, so hidden dens are worth exploring, because They open up lucrative micro-dungeons that can be quickly looted for decent rewards. If players want to find and clear these mini-dungeons, they can prepare enough Diablo Immortal Platinum, and we provide a guide to the hidden lair in Diablo Immortal below.

What is a Hidden Lair

Hidden Lairs are mini dungeons that players can enter and complete them to earn rewards that can be used both for completing them, as well as for killing bosses and completing objectives as you play. Not only are they a great source of XP and Legendary items for leveling up, but they’re also a great way to get your normal Diablo Immortal Gem without opening your wallet.

How to find the Hidden Lair

Hidden lairs are mini dungeons with entrances scattered throughout all areas of Diablo Immortal, however, they are inaccessible most of the time. You can enter the hidden lair only when the entrance glows. A random Hidden Lair entrance can now be accessed in the current zone if the text A Hidden Lair has open in this zone appears on the screen while roaming the world.

Details of all Hidden Lair locations

Ashwold Cemetery Hidden Lair Locations

Once you reach level 20, you can start exploring your first hidden lair in Ashwold Cemetery. There are 11 possible positions:

3 at Ashwold Manor.

3 in the Oriental Garden.

2 In the tomb of Queen Asilah.

3 in the ossuary.

Dark Wood Hidden Lair Locations

After reaching level 20, you can step into the Dark Forest, where you can find nine possible hidden lair locations. Six of the entrances are in the northern part of the Dark Forest:

3 in the Inifuss tree.

2 Blood Red Ruins.

1 In the Stink Swamp.

Three other locations can be found in the southern part of the Dark Forest:

2 At an abandoned lumber yard.

1 in Blackrock Village.

Shassar Sea Hidden Lair Locations

Once you reach level 28, you can travel to the Sea of Shasa. Here you’ll find eight possible hidden nest locations:

4 in the horror of Domian.

3 Invasion in the lake.

1 On a windswept beach.

Library of Zoltun Kulle Hidden Lair Locations

Zoltun Kulle Library, a level 35 dungeon that also has eight hidden lair locations:

4 At the twist inlet.

3 in the large vestibule.

1 In the Secret Archives.

Bilefen Hidden Lair Locations

Finally, once you reach level 40, you can start exploring the Bielephant area, where there are five possible hidden lair locations:

2 In the Infested Mire.

1 in the abandoned village.

1 At the Hermit’s Outpost.

1 Southern Wetlands.

Mount Zavain Hidden Lair Locations

Mount Zavain has six possible hidden lair locations, mostly to the north of it:

4 Zakarum Cemetery

1 South of the observation deck

1 in Cricible

Frozen Tundra Hidden Lair Locations

The last area where you can find hidden nest locations is the Frozen Tundra, which has four possible locations:

2 Sesheron Ruins

1 in the ancient cemetery

1 Ice Village

These hidden lairs promise the finest loot, and players of Diablo Immortal can be rewarded for finding these hidden lairs by following our guide. If you found our guide helpful, please subscribe to our blog at mmorpgm.com for more Diablo Immortal game walkthroughs.

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