New World Gem Guide: How to Get Gems and Some Tips for Growing Gems

New World Gem Guide: How to Get Gems and Some Tips for Growing Gems

Every time players mine resource nodes in the new world, they have a chance to get rare gems. In addition to being shiny and valuable, gems can also be used to infuse a device with practical value. Therefore, we will introduce how to get gems and some tips for planting gems below. Players can buy enough New World Gold to help plant gems. I hope these methods are useful to you.

How to get gems in the New World?

1. To get gems, you first have to mine various ore veins.

2. All you have to do is head to any lode.

3. You will be able to find the same location by looking for the resource location icon on the map.

4. Make sure you keep an eye out for any dark looking rocks around you.

5. Now, just head to said rock.

6. If the rock is actually a ore vein in the new world, you will be able to see an interactive popup with the resource name.

7. Equip the pickaxe and long press the E key and you will be able to break the rocks.

8. After this, you will get gems as resources for the new world.

9. However, you must remember that gems are not confirmed drops. You have to break a lot of rocks before you can actually get gems as drops.

10. If your mining level is really high, it will be easier for you to get gems as in-game drops. So far, the rate of decline has not been specific.

11. The higher the rarity of the ore vein, the higher the probability of obtaining rare gems.

12. Also, the rarer your pickaxe, the better your chances of getting gems.

Tips for Growing Gems

1. Know what to look for

Players obtain gems by mining veins. These are marked by resource location icons on the map. All ores, whether iron, silver, gold, platinum, star metal, or oregano, have a chance to drop gems when mined. Having a better pickaxe increases your chances of getting gems, as does equipping the Miner’s Amulet.

2. Improve mining level and mining luck

Upgrading mining skills is the first and most important step in gem farming, because the faster players can farm mining nodes, the less time it takes to accumulate gems. Also, advanced resource nodes drop advanced gems, so improving your mining skills is absolutely necessary to get better gems faster.

3. Gain strength and chisel stone

Raising your character’s Strength attribute provides bonuses for mining, and upgrading the Stonecutting skill is also useful as Stonecutting is required to refine gems later.

4. Use Azoth or Delicious Dishes

Players can acquire items with this perk in two ways: by crafting items with this perk or by randomly finding loot gear that already has the perk. Azoth is a resource that increases the potency of gear bonuses and can be used to increase the power of mining luck on crafting. There’s good news for immersive MMO players who take the time to learn how to cook, eating certain foods, such as vanilla baked potatoes, also increases mining luck.

5. Farm Amrine Temple

As with other high-difficulty multiplayer games, there is always something that gives the player an edge. Starting around level 23, the Amrine Temple Expedition is a great way to grow gems. Even if the player doesn’t want to spend the day in the same place, several trips to the temple can pay off handsomely.

These are some tips you need to know about how to obtain and grow gems in the new world, and if you find it helpful, you can also continue to check our blog site for other game news and guides, we will continue to update.

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