Lost Ark: The Best Way to Plant Harmony Shards

Lost Ark: The Best Way to Plant Harmony Shards

To provide players with a fast-paced and fun experience in Lost Ark, Shards of Harmony are needed to level up. In this guide, we’ll introduce players to the best ways to obtain Fragments of Harmony in The Lost Ark. Players can also buy cheap Lost Ark Gold, which provides some help in getting Harmony Shards quickly in-game.

What are the Fragments of Harmony in the Lost Ark?

Harmony Shards can be used to upgrade the player’s equipment. As with other shard types, in addition to being tradeable, you can also pick up these shards at the end of a Chaos Dungeon or Chaos Gate and other endgame challenges.

How to get Shards of Harmony in Lost Ark?

Island mission

Island quests are one of the easiest and best ways to get a lot of Harmony Shards. Completing island quests will give you a lot of Harmony Shards. You can only get one reward, but completing island quests multiple times will give you many other rewards, from currency to songs and more. The island can be used when the equipment reaches level 250. Below is a list of all island quests in the Lost Ark:

Serenity Isle

Toto Silver

Freedom Isle

Blackfang’s Den

Peyto Island

Lullaby Island


Starlight Isle

Panda Island

Dreamgull Island (Foret’s Minuet required)

Golden Wave Island

White Wave Island


Shadow Island

Do your routine

Daily missions reset each day at 11AM local time. You can do two Guardian raids (don’t forget to harvest their souls), two Chaos dungeons, and three Yuna quests per day. There are also weekly quests starting on Thursday, right after the reset, for more rewards. However, if you think you’ll reach Tier 2 in a few days, don’t use them right away, as you can use those weekly quests for Tier 2 materials. If you still need Shards of Harmony after a few days of daily quests and island quests, you can run more Chaos dungeons on your protagonist, but you won’t get as many rewards, so not very much save time.

Chaos Dungeon

Chaos Dungeon Run will give you Shards of Perception, which you can exchange for Shards of Harmony with the Magic Scholar Yeneka in North Fern. You will receive Shards of Harmony Bags and Shards of Harmony Leapstones in exchange for your Perception Shards. You can run Chaos Dungeon twice a day.

Chaos Gate

The Chaos Gate is an hourly event that occurs in different parts of the world. One of the rewards of the Chaos Gate is a map that you can follow to enter a secret dungeon to get Shards of Harmony.

Una’s mission

Una’s quests are daily and weekly quests that players can complete on various islands. Many of the tasks offered by Una’s Tasks reward Harmony Shards. In Mary’s Secret Shop, located in the shop, you can buy different items for Sapphire.

Join a guild

If you have eight friends to play with, you can already create your own guild. Once in the guild, you will need to follow these steps to obtain the Fragments of Harmony in the Lost Ark:

1. Donate 6000 credits to your guild every day

2. Complete weekly guild quests

3. Upgrade the Sylmel bloodstone store to the second floor

4. Exchange Bloodstones for Harmony Shards every week at the Silnael store that can be found in every major city

In addition to this, Harmony Fragments can also be obtained by trading with merchant ships and completing Shadow Towers. That’s all we’ve introduced to get the Harmony Fragments in the Lost Ark. If you need Harmony Fragments to upgrade your in-game gear, you can subscribe to our website mmorpgm.com to learn more about how to upgrade your gear.

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