Destiny 2: All Calus Bobblehead Locations

Destiny 2: All Calus Bobblehead Locations

Destiny 2’s Haunted Season adds a host of new collections, with new Sever missions available every week, each containing its own bobblehead for you to find. The Abandoned Leviathan is now an area free for Guardians to explore, and hides some secrets. One of the secrets is the Calus bobblehead, you can collect all bobbleheads. Find all Destiny 2 Calus Bobbleheads on Leviathan here. Players can purchase D2 Silver to help find all the bobblehead locations in Destiny 2.

Festiny 2 Bobblehead Location

CASTELLUM bobblehead location

In order to earn the Castellum Bobblehead position in Destiny 2, you need to complete Tier 3 Nightmare Containment. Once done you can open the two side chambers in Castellum. The bobblehead room is located at the other end of the Castellum, to the left of the spawn point. Go to the chest, open the door, and look to the right to find the bobblehead. If you want to quickly check if this door can be opened after a run, use the Ghost mod that detects chests.

PLEASURE GARDENS bobblehead location

From the castle, go through the gate in the center of the arena to reach the Garden of Joy. In the garden, go to the central platform, behind the central statue on this platform, you can find the location of Carlos’ bobblehead.

ROYAL POOLS bobblehead location

From the entrance to the Royal Pool, go straight to the back right corner of the area. You’ll find a cave in the floor that leads to the inner hull of the ship. Go through the blue lighted corridor on the left, then when you reach the square room, go right. Run to the end of the hallway. You’ll find the bobblehead figure sitting in a dark corner.

SEVER – SHAME MISSION bobblehead location

Halfway through the activity, you’ll be asked to activate several switches to unlock. One of the switches must be activated with a wrench. In the same room, you’ll want to jump on the platform above you and into a side room. You’ll want to climb to the top level of this area, using the pipes on the sides as platforms. At the very top of the room, you’ll find the Calus bobblehead on a crate.


Start the reconciliation mission and head to the pipeline. Once you leave the pipe, go right. Enter the pipe in the corner of the room, then look left to find a bobblehead.

SEVER – GRIEF MISSION bobblehead location

You need to deploy the resonance sensor to open a door, after opening the door, go through the hallway and you will see the bobblehead behind the chest on the left.

SEVER – FORGIVENESS bobblehead location

This bobblehead can be found near the end of the quest, after you place the last beacon, but before you descend into the boss fight. Find this bobblehead above one of the platforms after jumping to a small platform with some hydro generators.

SEVER – RAGE bobblehead location

After you’ve finished your first fight and put down the field, continue through the vents and down into the engine room. Before entering the next room, look for a gap in the floor where you can walk under the platform. Swipe through the gap to find the bobblehead figure.

SEVER – RESOLVE bobblehead location

In this mission, just before you catch up to Caiatl’s final boss fight, you’ll see a fan with some enemies on it. You can jump on it before it and find the bobblehead in a corner.

Haunted season runs until August 23, so don’t worry, as you have a few months to try and get all the Calus Bobbleheads. If you need Destiny 2 Silver to help you find the bobblehead, stay tuned to

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