Top 5 Best SMGs in Call of Duty Mobile

Top 5 Best SMGs in Call of Duty Mobile

There are many guns in Call of Duty Mobile, and several weapons outperform others in terms of kill time, recoil or ammo count. So today we are going to introduce you to the best SMGs (Submachine Guns) in Call of Duty Mobile. The SMG is a weapon that appears in all games in the Call of Duty series. Submachine guns bridge the gap between LMGs and pistols, with the rate of fire of a LMG and the mobility and range of a pistol. In this guide, we’ll take you through the top 5 best SMGs in Call of Duty Mobile. You can purchase the Call of Duty Mobile Top Up to unlock more weapons and keep playing in real matches.

The 5 Best SMGs in Call of Duty Mobile

1. QQ9

Many players will agree that the QQ9 is one of the best submachine guns in COD, and for good reason. It is one of the top weapons with high maneuverability, good accuracy and a fast rate of fire. Quick aiming under the scope also helps to resolve enemies quickly. The gun is also known for its consistent recoil pattern, which can only take out four rounds at shorter distances. Additionally, players can unlock this powerful gun by killing 30 enemies with the submachine gun while crouching.

2. CBR4

The CBR4 is a gun familiar to COD players as it used to be the classic P90. The strength of this gun is its huge magazine size and 5.7mm bullet. CBR4 has stronger penetration and low recoil. With its high rate of fire and large magazine capacity, this SMG is a real threat in mid-range and close-quarters combat. Players can unlock this gun by taking 30 headshots on enemies with an SMG.


MSMC is one of the most powerful weapons in COD. The best thing about this gun is that it has a very fast rate of fire. While this gun is lacking in long-range combat, it’s an absolute beast in close-quarters combat. For close and mid-range combat, MSMC is an excellent choice. It has high maneuverability and rate of fire, making it suitable for fast action. Its range is okay, but its damage and accuracy are a bit disappointing. Additionally, players can unlock this submachine gun at level 45.

4. Fennec

Guns with the fastest kill times often top the leaderboards, and the Fennec is one of the deadliest weapons in Call of Duty. This gun has the highest rate of fire in the game, basically 1100 RPM. In addition to its high rate of fire, the Fennec has amazing hip firing accuracy. While its damage per bullet is a bit low, the gun’s rate of fire makes up for that and smashes enemies in mid-to-close range combat. This gun is the best choice for close and mid-range combat. Players can unlock this beast by taking 30 SMG headshots.

5. PP19 Bison

The PP19 Bizon is perhaps of the best all over weapon in Call of Duty Mobile. The power of this gun is its steady recoil and its magazine size, which is basically an LMG. Additionally, players can unlock this beast weapon by taking 30 headshots with an SMG. The PP19 Bizon has a high rate of fire, providing more maneuverability and control. Accuracy and range are also high, while the damage dealt is on par with other guns in its class.

The above are the five best SMGs in Call of Duty Mobile. With any of these weapons in the hands of the player, they can confidently engage any enemy or adversary. Players can also check our website for news about Call of Duty Mobile and purchasing Call of Duty Mobile CP.

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